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sound reception system by zenitel maritime & energy

What is a Sound Reception System?

The maritime regulations regarding the need for carrying a sound reception system is found as mentioned above in the COLREG, as well as in SOLAS Chapter V, Regulation 19, section 2.1.8, “When the ship's bridge is totally enclosed and unless the Administration determines otherwise, a sound reception system, or other means, to enable the officer in charge of the navigational watch to hear sound signals and determine their direction

Market development and demand

The reliability of a sound reception system generates significant demand for installation on ships with a totally enclosed bridge. Also, the rising requirements of personnel and navigational safety has resulted in the increasing integration of sound reception systems. Innovations, such as installation of local audio monitors and controllers for early detection of oncoming vessels, has made sound reception systems safer, increasing the demand. These are some factors driving the global market for sound reception systems. 

Zenitel Sound Reception System

Zenitel is widely recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of Sound Reception Systems. Our Vingtor-Stentofon VSS-V2 was one of the high-runner products in our critical communication portfolio. However, after Zenitel’s acquisition of Phontech in 2018, the VSS-V2 system was replaced with the Phontech SR8300 MkII, now known as the P-8300 MkII Sound Reception System. Our P-8300 MkII is designed to receive and detect foghorns in the range of 70-2100Hz, while many competitor brands only detect in the range between 70-870Hz. 

Although the regulation for carrying sound reception only covers vessels with fully enclosed bridges, we are seeing more and more Sound Reception Systems also installed on vessels without fully enclosed bridges. The P-8300 is suitable for both fore and aft bridge mounting.

Connected to an omnidirectional microphone/antenna unit mounted outside the vessel, the main display unit will reproduce and amplify incoming sounds from all directions and indicate the approximate direction of the nearby ship. The system is equipped with input for muting during the use of the ship’s own whistle to prevent signal detection overload.
By using high capacity microcontrollers and sophisticated software algorithms, this digital system has superior performance, both for noise suppression and direction detection. Through the self-calibrating functionality, it is also is very easy to install. 

The P-8300 MkII main display unit includes a web interface for easy configuration, as well as a status (error) indication, control knob for adjustable volume, dimmer and LED test.

Here you can see a short demo video of the P-8300 MkII display unit with signals coming from various directions and selections of the sounds available for use:  


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