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Zenitel On-Demand Webinars

On-Demand Webinars Now Available

Zenitel is pleased to announce our new on-demand webinar series – the information you need, on your schedule.
Zenitel Smart Cities Solution comes to Lucknow India

Zenitel Smart Cities solution: Lucknow, India

The city of Lucknow has implemented a Smart City initiative to improve emergency communication at traffic intersections, permitting quicker response times and improving traffic conditions overall.
Unified security systems with Zenitel audio

Security systems need audio - Here's why

Intelligent Communications is driven by Intelligent Integration. Audio becomes intelligent by seamlessly integrating into the core business and security applications within the organization. The integration possibilities...
Zenitel Healthcare Solutions at IFSEC Digital Week

Digital Week is here! Join us.

Join Zenitel and thousands of your peers during IFSEC International's Digital Week, May 18-22, for a program of interactive and curated content including webinars, video interviews...
Zenitel Prison audio solutions

Critical Communication in Swedish Prisons

Communication is always critical, but it is especially so in prisons, jails and other high-security environments. In Sweden, RM Telecom supplies critical communication tools to prisons...

Enabling Critical Communication while Reducing Risk of Infection

Clear and intelligent communication in hospitals and other healthcare facilities is essential in protecting staff, patients, and visitors.

Channel Partner Program Applications Open

The word ‘partner’ has several definitions. And it’s a word that probably conjures different images for different people. A tennis player might think of their teammate...