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We offer comprehensive solutions for all environments and classifications.
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Integrated Communication
We offer complete integrated communication solutions for critical operations.
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Trusted by Professionals
Our solutions are certified for critical operations at sea or onshore, from the middle-eastern blistering heat to the freezing cold of the arctic.

Integrated Communication Solutions

We know what it takes to provide safe and secure communication in harsh environments.

Because all projects are unique in the Oil and Gas industry, merely providing hardware and software is not enough to ensure the success of an individual project. Our focus is therefore to provide integrated solutions that are individually tailored to each unique project. 

Key Offerings include Public Address, Radio and Intercom complemented with a wide range of supplementary systems.

Tor Kristian Lystad

Tor Kristian Lystad

Market Responsible
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What is Pulse? 

Vingtor-Stentofon Pulse is a SIP based intercom system. 

Easy, Flexible, Intelligible.

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