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Onshore Plants, Terminals and Pipelines

Onshore Plants, Terminals and Pipelines

For upstream and downstream onshore plants, terminals and pipelines, reliable and safe communication is the key to an efficient, safe and secure operation.

Personnel working in day-to-day plant operation depend on quality audio communication for quick and effective decision making. We combine our experience from our solutions to Offshore Platforms and Building SecurityPublic Safety in order to offer and deliver the best and safest solutions in order to safeguard people and property.

IP technology makes it easy to allow physical distribution of system components, still function as one system.

Key Products

  • 1008122060

    IP and SIP Intercom

  • Exigo Call Panel Picture

    Exigo Call Panel, PTT Button and 3 buttons

  • TFIX-1

    Ex IP Intercom Station

  • TFIX-2

    Ex IP Intercom Station

  • 1008123030

    Ex IP Intercom Station

Turbine IP Intercom promo picture

Exigo Native PA/GA  promo picture


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