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NFR offering for Zenitel channel partners

Seeing is believing! When working with audio, hearing is believing. We want our channel partners in Safety & Security to hear the difference and using that same wow factor when doing sales demonstrations for end customers. You as a Zenitel channel partner can now order Zenitel products for demo purpose at a very exclusive price!

  • Use the NFR* equipment to make yourself familiar with the outstanding audio quality and show it to your customers.
  • All products in the Safety & Security business unit price list as well as the IC-Edge demo kit can be ordered with the exclusive NFR discount once every quarter.
  • NFR is exclusive to Zenitel channel partners.

Scroll down for different types of products that can be ordered at a highly discounted price.

*Not For Resale, the equipment cannot be resold. 

How to order your NFR equipment

Are you ready to order your own training and demo products?

  1. Apply to become a Zenitel channel partner, if you are not.
  2. Contact your local Zenitel distributor and ask for NFR pricing and/or Zenitel demo kit.

Popular demo products

Turbine Intercoms and Kits

All IP Intercom stations in the Turbine series utilize the latest technology to create unparalleled audio quality. Some of the many features include: HD voice quality, Open Duplex, Active Noise Cancellation, MEMS microphone, a 10W Class D amplifier and our unique speaker grille design. These features, in conjunction with our 70+ years of experience with acoustic technology are only a few of the many factors that contribute to our superior audio quality. The kits allow you to build your own IP Intercom station or Help-Point. Read more

IP Speaker Series

Zenitel’s IP Speaker range is scalable, with flexible zoning features that help to mitigate security risks faster than ever before.  Self-check and Automatic Volume Control functions limit the need for manual maintenance, which minimizes service costs and system downtime. Add interactivity through Talkback and Ambient Listening functions to your PA broadcasts. Enable your team to act in real time and with clear communication, in all types of environments and situations. Read more

IC-EDGE Demo Kit

The Zenitel demo kit makes it easy to evaluate and demonstrate the features of the IC-EDGE communication platform, our most popular intercom stations and the Zenitel Mobile app.

  • RJ45 cables are not included, you will need five RJ45 network cables to connect PCs, stations and wireless access point to the network switch.
  • The network switch is delivered with a power cord with plug type F. Other plug types must be ordered by the Partner from third parties