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Item Number: 1008192011

Emergency Call Point

Automatic Gain Control Automatic Gain Control
Active Noise Cancelling Active Noise Cancelling
Open Duplex Open Duplex
  • Designed for use on trains - EN50155 compliant
  • HD voice quality and background noise cancellation
  • Dirt, dust and water resistant - IP65
  • Stainless steel housing - A304
  • Supports wide set of IP and networking standards


The user-friendly ECP-AA1 intercom has been specifically designed for the transportation segment. It can be  used on rolling stock and  is certified to comply with all relevant standards. It features  a  red  indicator around the call button which will   flash when a call is made.  A green indicator is steadily lit when the call has been accepted and the full duplex speech channel is opened.

1008192011 ECP-AA1, Emergency Call Point 1 kg / 2.2 lbs
Audio quality - speech transmission index (STI) - at 70 dB > 0.8
Audio quality - percentage articulation loss of consonants (Alcons) - at 70 dB < 5%
Audio quality - total harmonic distortion + noise, without noise reduction (THD+N) - at 70 dB < 2%
SPL rated power at 1m in open duplex 80 dB
Noise cancelling - suppression of musical noise YES
Noise cancelling - suppression of static noise YES
Noise cancelling - suppression of rapidly changing noise YES
Codecs G.711, G.722, G.729
Frequency range, G.722 Codec 200 Hz – 7000 Hz
Audio technology Modes: Full open duplex, switched open duplex
Adaptive jitter filter
Local tone generator
Automatic gain control (microphone)
Ethernet connector 1x M12
Induction loop amplifier connector Internal inside the unit
I/O connector 1x M12
Outputs 12mA as LED drivers
PoE (power over Ethernet) IEEE 802.3af standard, Class 0 (0.44W to 12.95 W)
Power consumption Idle 1.8W, max 12W (depending on volume)
Audio Line out / Induction loop signal 600 Ohm
Call Progress Indicator Red ring around the call button
Call Establised Indicator Green LED
Dimensions (HxWxD) 220 x 100 x 53 mm / 8.66” x 3.94” x 2.09”
Weight 1 kg / 2.2 lbs.
Enclosure material Stainless steel - AISI 304
Gasket material Neoprene
Speaker protection Stainless steel mesh, acoustically transparent
Protocols IPv4 (with DiffServ), SIP, TCP, UDP, HTTPS, TFTP,
LAN protocols Network Access Control (IEEE 802.1x)
HTTP/HTTPS (Web configuration)
Management and operation DHCP and static IP + STENTOFON Pulse™
Remote automatic software upgrade
Centralized monitoring
E.g. network test, tone test, status reports
Advanced supervision functions Network test, tone test, status reports
SIP support RFC 3261 (SIP base standard)
RFC 3515 (SIP refer)
RFC 2976 (SIP info)
DTMF support RFC 2833, 2976 (SIP info)
IP rating IP-65
Operating temperature range -30° to 70° C
Storage temperature range -30° to 70° C
Realative humidity < 95% not condensing
UV-resistant YES
Compliances EN 50121-3-2 Railway application
IEC/EN 50155 Railway Application
CE and FCC Part 15

Date Name Category Size Document
16.09.2019 A100K11789 ECP-AA1 Intercom Manual Manual 905.6 KB Download