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IC-EDGE VS-Client Extensions

Item Number: 100966110X

  • Turn your PC into a Zenitel  Intercom
  • Access wide range of critical communication services including intercom, public address, radio and telephony from your PC
  • Supports HD Voice and Zenitel  Intercom technology
  • Supports call history, contacts and favorite
  • Can be operated with mouse, USB button or from the PC keyboard
  • Designed to work with touch screens

The VS-Client will turn your PC into a Zenitel  Intercom, providing access to a wide set of critical communication services. These services include ability to make intercom calls, public address calls, and make external telephone calls.

Some typical areas to use the VS-Client are:

  • Control room application integrating intercom
  • Reception services handling door calls
  • People on the move wanting access to the IC-EDGE services via their laptop

Zenitel generates a ‘License Activation Code’ (LAC) which can be regarded as the actual article. In order for Zenitel to be able to generate a License Key, the License Activation Code must be registered at Zenitel together with the MAC-address of the IC-EDGE Controller for which the license is intended. Registration can be done by reporting the MAC-address and LAC in an e-mail to More than one LAC can be listed on the registration form. All listed License Activation Codes together with the MAC-address will be used to generate a single License Key which will enable all licensed functions. The License Key will be shipped to the customer’s e-mail address. As the License key is rather complex, it should be inserted in the set-up program using the copy/paste function.

In case of service replacement of a IC-EDGE Controller, all licenses will remain available for a short period of time. A new lasting license key must be obtained for the new  controller during this period.

Additional licenses can be purchased at any time. Any new license will be added to already purchased licenses for the same hardware. A new license key will be issued to replace the existing license key; this will cover all the new and old legal licenses.


Order number
1009661101 1 x IC-EDGE-VS-Client Extensions
1009661106 6 x IC-EDGE-VS-Client Extensions
Recommended system requirements
Operating system Windows 7 x86/64, Windows 8 x86/64
Hardware CPU: Dual Core Intel Core or newer
Hard drive: 40 GB or better
Modern integrated GPU with OpenGL 3.0 support
Network card
Audio Modern soundcard
Speakers and microphone
USB button (optional) USB 2.0 support
(USB button is a Vingtor-Stentofon product 1009800140)
Function Keyboard shortcut
Answer call CTRL + M
End call CTRL + E
Transfer call CTRL + T
Hold/Resume call CTRL + H (toggle)
Call favorite number CTRL + #
Mute/Unmute SHIFT + CTRL + M (toggle)
Open/Private answer mode SHIFT + CTRL + A (toggle)
Forwarding on/off SHIFT + CTRL + F (toggle)
Push to talk/listen SHIFT + CTRL + P / L
Activate duplex SHIFT + CTRL + D
Special function keys SHIFT + CTRL + #
Lite/Full UI mode SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + U (toggle)
Show Contacts SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + C
Show Call history SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + H
Show Favorites SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + F

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