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Zenitel Healthcare audio solutions

Healthcare Solutions

Hospitals, retirement homes, and clinics: all these facilities require a reliable communication platform to provide the best service to their residents and let the employees work efficiently. 

Key applications and benefits

Visitor Management at Entrances and Barriers

Our intercom stations allow you to identify visitors via both audio and video and guide them to where they need to be. We provide clear and powerful audio regardless of background noise.

Reception Areas

In addition to allowing you to answer calls, our desktop stations make announcements to floors, wards, and other areas simple. And through our Zenitel Mobile app, forwarding calls from your desk to your mobile phone is no problem either. Our systems can also integrate with wireless devices to give on-the-move staff more options in relaying and receiving vital information.

Control Access to Restricted Areas

Healthcare facilities have a variety of restricted zones, and it's important that access to these areas is monitored and controlled. Our intercom stations allow you to do just that via both audio and video.

Operating Rooms and Cleanrooms

In situations where communication with staff in sterile conditions is vital, our systems present reliable, easy-to-clean products to ensure medical staff can communicate with one another.

Integration with Nurse Call, Phone and Radio Systems

Efficient communication through a variety of channels is crucial in healthcare settings. Our intercoms can seamlessly integrate with your other tools to connect with radio, wireless phones, and other communication devices.

Efficient Communication in Everyday and Emergency Situations

Whether you're providing general information throughout the building or to specific rooms or wards, our products will meet your needs. They also assist in responding to emergency situations with both pre-recorded and manual announcements.

The Zenitel difference

Superior Audio Quality

Your ability to hear, be heard and be understood in emergency situations is essential.

Zenitel’s Intelligent Communication systems are used in schools and universities globally, due to their unrivaled sound and audio quality.

Integrated Communication

Efficient communication requires a single integrated communication platform.

We support open protocols such as SIP that make it simple and straightforward to do all your communication from one central console.

Integrated Security

Reliable communication between different systems is important. We share information through common protocols or dedicated drivers with other parts of the security system like Access Control and Video Cameras to enable automated processes.

This makes it easier for your security team to work much more efficiently when faced with critical events.

Recommended products


ICX-Alphacom Platform

The ICX-Alphacom Platform is the core of our communication system. With the ability to connect our intercom stations as well as external SIP devices, you’ll have the capacity you need to achieve unprecedented levels of connectivity in any environment.

ICX-Alphacom seamlessly integrates with healthcare communication systems for radio, wireless phones, and other devices. And you’ll also have advanced intercom functionality such as the ability to prerecord messages on your server for emergency communication and record intercom calls at any connected station.

IP OR Master

IP Operating Room (OR) Master

Our advanced intercom station intended for use in operating theatres and cleanrooms. The station front plate is totally flat and without any holes to minimize bacteria accumulation.

The IP Operating Room (OR) Master station has an excellent audio quality. With a large backlit display and Vingtor-Stentofon audio technology the station allows users to read caller ID, listen and talk at a distance.

Turbine IP & SIP Intercoms

Our series of Turbine IP Intercom Stations are designed to withstand extreme fluctuations in temperatures and vandalism, dirt, dust, and water. The stations provide crystal-clear audio thanks to powerful speakers, automatic volume adjustment, and background noise cancellation.

The Turbine IP SIP Intercom stations have multiple design options and are perfect for doors, barriers, and gates.

Turbine IP Mini Intercoms

Our Turbine IP Mini Intercom Stations are designed to be unobtrusive and fit well into any floor plan. The stations provide crystal-clear audio thanks to powerful speakers, automatic volume adjustment, and background noise cancellation.

The Turbine IP Mini Intercoms are built to last and are perfect for communication, information, and emergency points.


ITSV-1 IP Touch Station with Video

IP Desktop Options

The ITSV-1 IP Touch Station is a video desktop intercom equipped with a touchscreen and features video capabilities and a camera to enhance your communication with connected stations. It features a large memory bank that can store up to 1,000 contacts and 1,000 calls in its call history.

It’s also possible to use our Vingtor-Stentofon Intercom Client to provide these features directly to your PC as an alternative to a physical station.


IP Speakers

Our IP Speakers can be mounted on walls and in ceilings and feature a built-in 10W Class D amplifier. The built-in amplifier eliminates the need for a central amplifier unit with conventional speaker loops. This also makes it easy to add more speakers, and speakers can be divided into groups or addressed individually.

All speakers are easy to install and maintain and include a built-in web interface for easy management, software upgrades, and status checks.