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Healthcare Solutions

Hospitals, retirement homes, and clinics: all these facilities require a reliable communication platform to provide the best service to their residents and let the employees work efficiently. 

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Operating Rooms and Cleanrooms

Cleanroom stations are easy to clean, can withstand most chemicals, and are resistant to bacteria and other contagions. They can be used in isolation rooms to allow quarantined patients to communicate with staff while allowing for efficient disinfection.

Reception Areas

Facility staff can communicate with patients and visitors remotely from reception and intake desks, limiting the need for face-to-face communication during the prescreening process.

Control Access to Restricted Areas

Sensitive areas such as cleanrooms and isolation rooms can be monitored and restricted via intercom stations to ensure that only those authorized to enter have access.

Integration with Nurse Call, Phone and Radio Systems

All our stations can be integrated into nurse call, phone, and radio systems to ensure compatibility with any setup.

Efficient Communication in Everyday and Emergency Situations

Whether you're providing general information throughout the building or to specific rooms or wards, our products will meet your needs. They also assist in responding to emergency situations with both pre-recorded and manual announcements.

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Superior Audio Quality

Your ability to hear, be heard and be understood in emergency situations is essential.

Zenitel’s Intelligent Communication systems are used in healthcare settings globally, due to their unrivaled sound and audio quality.

Integrated Communication

Efficient communication requires a single integrated communication platform.

We support open protocols such as SIP that make it simple and straightforward to do all your communication from one central console.

Integrated Security

Reliable communication between different systems is important. We share information through common protocols or dedicated drivers with other parts of the security system like Access Control and Video Cameras to enable automated processes.

This makes it easier for your security team to work much more efficiently when faced with critical events.

Recommended products

IP OR Master

Cleanroom Station

Our advanced intercom station intended for use in operating theatres and cleanrooms. The station front plate is totally flat and without any holes to minimize bacteria accumulation.

The Cleanroom Station has an excellent audio quality. With a large backlit display and Vingtor-Stentofon audio technology the station allows users to read caller ID, listen and talk at a distance.

Turbine IP & SIP Intercoms

Our series of Turbine IP Intercom Stations are designed to withstand extreme fluctuations in temperatures and vandalism, dirt, dust, and water. The stations provide crystal-clear audio thanks to powerful speakers, automatic volume adjustment, and background noise cancellation.

The Turbine IP SIP Intercom stations have multiple design options and are ideal for doors, barriers, and gates.


IP Desktop Options

The ITSV-3 Desktop Video Phone is a powerful desktop video phone featuring Android 7.0, a 7” touch screen, real-time HD video telephony, built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, and more. The ITSV-3 delivers advanced SIP telephony features and out-of-the-box integration with our IC-EDGE and ICX-AlphaCom IP Intercom Platforms.

It’s also possible to use our VS Intercom Client to provide these features directly to your PC as an alternative to a physical station.

Touchless sensor

Touchless Sensor

We offer a touchless sensor, available as an accessory for our Turbine compact series, to address the need for contactless communication, for a variety of settings and applications. With its gesture recognition, you can activate intercom calls with the simple swipe of your hand. 

IP Speakers

Our IP Speakers can be mounted on walls and in ceilings and feature a built-in 10W Class D amplifier. The built-in amplifier eliminates the need for a central amplifier unit with conventional speaker loops. This also makes it easy to add more speakers, and speakers can be divided into groups or addressed individually.

All speakers are easy to install and maintain and include a built-in web interface for easy management, software upgrades, and status checks.

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