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To offer efficient, comfortable, safe and secure passenger journeys is the goal of any Transportation provider. Our native IP, intelligent, unified PA and Intercoms solutions enable you to enhance the safety of both passengers and staff by ensuring that they can hear, be heard, and be understood with every message or call.

Alongside the scalability and installation benefits of IP systems Intelligent features – such as voice activity detection – and easy integration with other security subsystems; like CCTV, allow for a more holistic approach to safety and security. Even in highly regulated transport environments.

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Key applications and benefits | Download solution sheets

Distributed PA Assets with Centralized or Route-Based Servers.

  • IP system architecture allows for the control equipment to be centralized at a main Operational Control Center, with our IP amplifiers and remote call panels installed at each stop along a Train or Tram route reporting directly to the servers over the Data Network.
  • Redundancy and Local survivability is designed in. Control equipment can be installed at secondary control center, or even at tertiary sites such as local stations and terminus level. Our IP amplifiers offer up to 6+1 redundancy when paired with a local Exigo controller.
  • Existing server assets can be leveraged by the virtualization of our control servers onto any suitable existing hardware.

Control Room Workstations and Public Address (PA) Panels

  • Quick and easy call routing with GUI-based operator panels.
  • Desktop stations and PC client, so the operator can answer and forward calls.
  • Zenitel Mobile app, so calls can be handled even if the reception is unattended.
  • Wired IP panels can be used to make live and pre-configured PA calls if one an Integrated Workstation or main PAS workstations fail.

Public Address and Voice Alarm for General Information and Emergencies

  • Unified PA and Intercom system allowing one for all audio call cases.
  • IP amplifiers can be distributed in different areas across the Terminal. 
  • Alongside traditional PA equipment Turbine stations have built-in powerful speakers, which means they can act as PA in smaller areas.
  • IP speakers for easy and cost-effective coverage of micro-zones such as toilet areas, small platforms, or emergency shelters. 
  • Turbine kits can be used as a cost effective way to integrate legacy analog amplifiers into our IP system.
  • Market-leading Automatic Volume Control on board each amplifier captures data directly from our stand-alone sensors, or as a secondary function of the Turbine help points. 
  • Our amplifiers and ancillary devices can be configured in proprietary modes, or open-protocol (SIP) mode allowing integration with existing SIP equipment, such as 3rd-Party PAS and system management servers.

Information and Emergency Help Points, Terminal-Wide

  • Small footprint stations made for indoor installation.
  • Open Duplex communication to allow clear conversation flow between passengers and staff.
  • Market-leading audio DSP and noise cancelling to automatically optimize input and output gains even in busy, high noise environments.
  • Stations can be configured in either proprietary ICX-AlphaCom modes, or in SIP mode ready for use with 3rd-party IPBX.
  • Stations can be configured to allow enhanced PA and security features when not in an active call, such as noise sensing, passive listening, and voice activity detection. 

The Zenitel difference | Download solution sheets

Superior Audio Quality

Your ability to hear, be heard and be understood in any situation is essential. Zenitel’s Intelligent Communication systems are used in the world’s most demanding and challenging environments, due to their unrivaled sound and audio quality.

Seamless Integration

The next generation of Intelligent Communication systems offers seamless interoperability with leading risk, resilience and security solutions by adopting open standards and out-of-the-box connectivity and activation.


Your communication needs can change and grow over time. Our IC-EDGE™ Series is highly scalable, robustly able to meet both your current and future needs.  


Our solutions comply with stringent IT requirements for mission-critical systems – they are not only highly available, reliable, scalable and maintainable, but also provide adequate defense from outside threats and attacks.

Recommended products


ECP-AA1 Emergency Call Points

Our Emergency Call Points have a visually unobtrusive yet robust design, are certified for on-board use. Typical deployments have the units in service as passenger emergency or information intercom, or as a Call-for-Aid intercom.

Turbine-Based ECP Intercom

The Turbine-based ECP-TD6 intercom is a robust transport market-specific unit designed for Public Help Point applications. The unit includes built-in hearing loops and other optional accessibility features.

Network Amplifier

The Exigo Network Amplifier (ENA2100, 2200, &2400) is part of the Exigo PA/GA. Each amplifier has two channels designed to allow for multiple Zones to be covered with a singlew amplifier. Redundancy can be achieved by using two amplifiers which ensure that at least 50% of the loudspeakers will still work in case of a failure in one IP PA amplifier (A-B amplifier setup).

The ENA2060-DC1 Network Amplifier is an EN50155 compliant unit, intended to cover one carriage consisting of two or more PA zones. Examples of such zones can be the left and right side of the carriage, upper and lower deck, or even outside speakers. When used as part of a statically configured multi-car consist the two channels can offer the same A-B interleaved redundancy features as the rest of the range.

Solution Sheets

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Rail Infrastructure Solution EN Solution Sheet 3.2 MB File icon Download
Rolling Stock OEM Offering Solution EN Solution Sheet 2.74 MB File icon Download
Tunnel Solution EN Solution Sheet 1.17 MB File icon Download
Airports Solution EN Solution Sheet 2.66 MB File icon Download
EXIGO Amplifiers General EN Solution Sheet 1.39 MB File icon Download
Transportation solution EN Solution Sheet 2.79 MB File icon Download
Segmento Estacionamentos - BR Solution Sheet 1.4 MB File icon Download
Transportes-soluções IP - BR Solution Sheet 6.26 MB File icon Download
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