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Promotional videos


Terrier VS. Turbine

We put our Turbine Video Station to the test, to show that our audio clarity is really as good as we say it is. The result of our experiment was surprising.

Vingtor-Stentofon vs. V8 Race Car

We tested the noise cancelling capabilities of our Turbine Intercom against a V8 Race Car, watch the video to see how it went.

Exigo upgrade at MS Crown Seaways

The world’s first Exigo installation. We upgraded the PA/GA system on DFDS Crown Seaways and had the pleasure of spending time with Captain Flemming Langballe and his crew. Hear what Flemming has to say about Exigo and get a glimpse of the installation process in this video.

Zenitel - Because communication is critical

We are in the business of delivering “intelligent communication” solutions, with built-in intelligence that can adapt to real-world environments, ensuring our customers can hear, be heard and be understood - every time. Our offering is not limited to when communication is critical; rather, it supports the reality that communication is critical to the operational needs of any business


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