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OnGuard offers advanced access control, alarm monitoring, digital video, intrusion detection, asset tracking, information security integration, credential production, and employee and visitor management functionality.


Integration between AlphaCom, AlphaCom E and AlphaCom XE with all versions of OnGuard has been certified through Lenel’s OAAP program. With the release of OnGuard 2013 some additional functionality has been added to the already long list of supported features.


Guards can directly setup a call between their own intercom station and a remote station by right clicking on the remote intercom icon and selecting ‘Call Intercom’.

If required this functionality can also be assigned to a double click on the remote intercom icon.

In alarm monitoring the following messages are displayed related to intercom station status changes:

  • Call Queued - parameter: Queuing station
  • Call Established - parameters: Originating station and called station
  • Call Disconnected - parameters: Originating station and called station
  • Call to a Private Subscriber - parameters: Originating station and called station
  • Call to a Busy Subscriber - parameters: Originating station and called station
  • Intercom Function; followed by the defined intercom function

Through the use of ‘Intercom Function’ it is possible to define a specific message for every function in the AlphaCom which is not listed above as standard. All these functions can then also be used by the OnGuard Linkage Server to trigger actions in all by OnGuard controlled systems.

Through the Linkage Server it is possible to trigger an action in the AlphaCom XE on an event in another system.

An example could be a voice message to an area when a video analytics ‘loitering’ event has been detected. In the other direction, the video of a CCTV camera can be routed to a monitor on an event in AlphaCom.

Icons in maps have the following appearances depending on intercom station statuses:

  • Idle
  • Connected - Station is in a conversation with another station
  • InQueue - Station has initiated a call request and is in a call queue
  • AnalyticsEvent - An audio analytics event (glass break, car alarm, aggression, gunshot) has been detected
  • LineError - A line error to the station has been detected
  • OffLine - The station is off line; The state is shown when there is no data communication at all between
  • OnGuard and AlphaCom, all station icons will show the OffLine state

Note that to be able to show the AnalyticsEvent additional software and licenses must be purchased from Zenitel.

In general it is possible for OnGuard to trigger any feature which AphaCom supports (over 100 features are available as standard), while AlphaCom can send information to OnGuard on any event inside the AlphaCom.

Solution: AlphaCom Integrations