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Mojo Lingo builds custom voice and real-time communication applications that help companies innovate to solve business problems.

We believe in the ability of real-time communications to transform business processes.

Our applications combine voice, video and text with databases, web APIs and other sources of application data.  We are particularly expert in speech-enabling things, using text-to-speech and speech recognition.

To that end, Mojo Lingo can develop customized solutions where Vingtor-Stentofon platforms are a major part of a customer installation. AlphaCom, Exigo, Pulse, but also Vingtor-Stentofon SIP-stations are some of the platforms we support.

Click here to see a video demonstrating a seamless experience through the use of:

  • Natural Language Recognition 
  • Presence/Instant Messaging 
  • Corporate Address Book 
  • Door Lock Release 
  • Virtual Assistant 
  • All-Call/Paging 
  • Lighting & Environment Controls

Contact Mojo Lingo when you require a special application in combination with your Vingtor-Stentofon system.

Contact Stevens Young @ Mojo Lingo USA:

Solution: AlphaCom Integrations