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Proximex Surveillint™

Proximex develops innovative solutions that leverage existing and new systems and technologies that are integrated into a centralized command and control center.  Proximex solutions ensure that incident information is no longer trapped within disparate systems, but brought together in context with security policies and operations for analysis and resolution.


Events in the Vingtor-Stentofon AlphaCom audio server such as calls, call requests and other events are handled as alerts in Surveillint, in the same way as Surveillint handles events from other by it supervised sub-systems.

In the other direction does the integration provide the possibility to send commands into AlphaCom, for instance to set up a call or a group call.


Specifically the integration provides the following functionality:

  • View intercom calls/alarms in Surveillint.
  • Display the status of calls/alarms in Surveillint.
  • View intercom calls/alarms details in Surveillint, such as time, date, alarm type, alarm description, location, etc.
  • Enable Intercom calls/alarms to be acknowledged, closed or deleted in Surveillint.
  • Enable calls/alarms to be correlated and associated with other sensors for automated pre-alarm video playback, live video view and control, and correlation with information from other systems.
  • Display intercom stations as sensors on the Surveillint graphical map.
  • Ability for an operator to right click on an intercom station icon within Surveilint and perform actions such as global announce, group announce, point to point call
  • Enable intercom calls/alarms to be included in incident, audit, and trend reports.
  • Enable business logic policies to be built by an administrator around intercom calls/alarms to assign severity levels, take specific actions, display response tasks, escalation levels, etc. Enable different rules to be assigned to different areas.
  • Enable intercom calls/alarms to be manually or automatically escalated to another user, group or action to be taken.
  • Enable users to only view Intercom calls/alarms in regions for which they have been assigned permissions by the administrator.
Solution: AlphaCom Integrations