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SAMSUNG Security Manager

Samsung Security Manager Now Supported with AlphaCom

The Vingtor-Stentofon AlphaCom integrates and is supported with the Samsung Security Manager platform. Samsung Security Manager (SSM) is manufactured by Hanwha Techwin America, a division of Hanwha Techwin. 

Utilizing the AlphaCom API license, you can register IO status change events from the AlphaCom into the SSM-Console Map to display the following  intercom states: 

  • a. IDLE – If the station status is normal (Icon display)
  • b. Call Connect – If the station status is connect (Icon display)
  • c. OFF – If the station status is abnormal (Icon display)
  • d. Call Request – if you place a Call Request(its icon flashing)

Call Request events will be displayed at the top of the event list in the SSM-Console until the event has been confirmed. If multiple Call Requests are received at the same time, calls will automatically be sorted according the to the Call Priority.

Solution: AlphaCom Integrations