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Schneider Electric


Andover Continuum is an integrated building automation, energy management and card access/security system providing native access control, digital video surveillance and HVAC control in one system.

It features multiple user interface options, including from any PC Web browser or a portable electronic device such as PDA or cell phone.


The Andover Continuum – Vingtor-Stentofon IP Interface provides a simple, yet powerful interface for trapping Vingtor-Stentofon intercom events and triggering Andover Continuum Plain English commands.

The interface software is installed on individual Andover Continuum workstations (maximum of six) and connects to a Vingtor-Stentofon AlphaCom Exchange across the network via an IP socket.

Each workstation can be configured to respond to all, or specific Vingtor-Stentofon events.

Interface features include:

  • Real-time Vingtor-Stentofon event trapping with Andover Continuum command triggering
  • Vingtor-Stentofon– Andover Continuum bi-directional data interface
  • Vingtor-Stentofon AlphaCom Exchange connection monitoring for high reliability
  • Automatic Vingtor-Stentofon AlphaCom Exchange connection retry after connection loss
  • Vingtor-Stentofon– Andover Continuum transaction data logging
  • Built-in Andover Continuum Command Line with command stack
  • Built-in Vingtor-Stentofon Command Line with command stack
  • Andover Continuum Plain English – configuration samples
  • Easy to install, configure and commission
  • Compatible with all versions of Andover Continuum and AlphaCom E/XE exchanges


With a minimum of time and effort, the interface can be configured to:

  • Pop-up Andover Continuum graphics with live video
  • Execute Andover Continuum command/control sequences
  • Capture and route intercom call requests to a work queue
  • Initiate, answer or disconnect calls between remote and master stations
Solution: AlphaCom Integrations