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DNA Fusion Access Control Software

DNA Fusion™ is the most connected access control platform on the market. Its open platform nature allows for a seamless integration with leading security technologies – including video, intercom, wireless locks, and more – for a complete and unified solution.

Additionally, DNA Fusion’s customer-centric feature set allows users to easily access and control system data with InfoReady reporting, drag and drop, custom direct commands, informational tool tips, and much more. You can also remotely manage your DNA Fusion system with our Fusion Web and Fusion Mobile applications, or utilize our flexible API to enhance your solution.

About the Integration

Security executives are looking for ways to optimize their resources, save money and drive situational awareness. Every dollar spent must mitigate risk while accelerating their value to the organization.

By tapping into one of the Vingtor-Stentofon core design values of Interoperability, our enterprise communication server, AlphaCom, integrates with the DNA Fusion Access Control system providing an integrated platform for access control and critical communications. Security teams are now able to communicate bi-directionally with individuals across a facility or campus optimizing their processes and their actionable response to incidents.

Security officers can now monitor unmanned entry points by utilizing the Zenitel HD Video IP-based door stations. As well, operators of the DNA Fusion system can easily place and answer calls, view status, and both command and control intercom stations through their DNA Fusion user interface. Call events of the AlphaCom system are recorded in DNA Fusion’s database and visually shown in their event monitoring application. This functionality allows for security teams to integrate all their systems and quickly associate both access control, audio, and video events for all their security reporting needs.

The integration between Open Options and Zenitel provides a graphical intercom call station connection and logging capability from within the DNA Fusion platform. Intercom call requests, connections and status are all shown on one easy to use screen. If required, intercom call stations may be grouped and routed to an unrestricted number of client machines.

This is especially useful for busy sites, which may have a large number of call stations installed. The operator can make and receive intercom calls, plus log intercom activity. Extensive history reporting capabilities provide the operator with accurate call station connection information.

Open Options DNA FUsion AlphaCom picture

Integration Benefits

The AlphaCom XE is a powerful communications server with many features directly applicable to the critical communication industry such as direct calling, call requests & call queue handling, call transfers & escalation, Public Address (PA) functionality through All and Group Calls, priority calls and many more.

The following are just a few of the features supported with the integration:

  • Receive events from the intercom system.
  • Add intercom components to graphic maps in DNA Fusion.
  • View change of state when station is in use.
  • Click on an icon to answer an incoming call.
  • Use host macros to take action in DNA Fusion based on AlphaCom events — For example, when call button is pushed, calling up a camera at a door.
  • Emergency notification on event — an alarm generated in DNA Fusion can initiate notification to the AlphaCom system in an emergency.


Solution: AlphaCom Integrations