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OPC System Management

Key Features

  • Standards based on integration with OPC and Microsoft .Net
  • True interoperability and scalability with OPC and Microsoft .Net
  • Reduce implementation time and cost of system integration
  • Easy and fast configuration, only limited configuration data is required


OPC is an open standards specification which gives a consistent method of accessing data from to controlling system connected hardware. Hardware, such as the AlphaCom exchange, presents information about the capabilities and status of its connected intercom stations in a defined manner to any OPC based system management software package. This consistency means that there is no need to write specific interface protocol software for each combination of hardware and management software. Especially in projects where the management software needs to control more than just the intercom exchange this is an enormous saving in cost and time.

The AlphaCom exchange communicates to the management system that it can report different statuses of its intercom stations as detailed further on. Furthermore it lets the management software know that it can accept commands such as calling, cancelling of calls, and many more. A typical application is a large building with an AlphaCom intercom exchange, CCTV, intruder alarm, fire alarm and access control, all connected to an OPC based management system. The guards receive information from all these different systems in a recognizable and consistent way which allows for easy operation of the total system.

Solution: Integrated