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Radio Technology with Native IP Communication Platforms

  • Radio Technology with Native IP Communication Platforms

Basic Integration

By using our TKIE-2 kit or IP-ARIO interface as a VoIP converter to the AlphaCom XE platform. We have a wide number of IP intercom stations that support the Push-to-talk protocol which makes it very easy to set-up a simplex call with radio devices.

Each radio channel can be connected to our TKIE-2 VoIP module. This inexpensive module provides audio in and out connections and has 6 freely programmable I/O ports. When a call is made on the channel it will trigger the TKIE-2 to import the analog audio, convert it to our own VoIP protocol and send it to the control room where they can listen in into the radio broadcast.  The same is possible for integration with the PA system. Calls made on the PA system can be sent to the TKIE-2 modules and converted to analog audio which is then sent to all the radio devices in each channel.

With digital radio systems we can do even more. As the radios are digitally linked to the base station, we can address each and every radio device individually from the AlphaCom XE or Exigo Platform. This makes it very interesting for the control room as they can address individuals directly from the control room station without the need of additional hardware or radio equipment. As each radio unit operates as an intercom station, it is of course possible to make PA announcements from an individual radio handset. 

Call requests made on an intercom station can also be forwarded to a digital radio so you can always be sure that someone will answer the call. This feature is very important in elevators, help points and for crane operators. We support the DTMF functionality so it is even possible to trigger a relay inside a call station from the radio device.

When the number of radio channels increases it might be easier to use the IP-ARIO interface. The interface is slightly more advanced and this makes it possible for one IP-ARIO unit to switch between a number of radio channels. 

Advanced Integration

Vingtor-Stentofon is very proud to be one of the first critical communication system suppliers to have a dedicated SIP interface with the Mototrbo solution from Motorola. The new Mototrbo base stations will have Ethernet connectivity and can share the audio from all their channels directly over IP without the need of any hardware.

Basically all the radios will turn into portable intercom units. Until today, this kind of interface was only possible when using a very expensive and complex TETRA radio system. We are confident that this is the most cost-efficient and smartest interface to Mototrbo available on the market today and it should make a fantastic sales-pitch to convince the end-user to choose for a VINGTOR-STENTOFON system.

TETRA radio systems can also be integrated directly via a simple SIP trunk between AlphaCom and the TETRA base station. We have done many times for large Oil&Gas projects and for nationwide emergency radio networks. One of the biggest advantages of integration with TETRA system is that we can use the GPS Radio Tracking feature to address the radios relevant for a specific incidence and minimize unnecessary disturbance through diversification of PA messages and alarms.

Segment: Government, City Protection & Public Safety, Detention
Solution: Integrated
Systems: EXIGO Networked IP PA/GA, AlphaCom Server System, SIP Intercom, IP Intercom, TETRA