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  • Information & Help Points

Our products are platform independent and scalable

You can use our standalone PULSE solution for smaller systems or connect them directly to the IPBX telephony system.

For more advanced security systems we recommend using our dedicated AlphaCom XE platform.


Our products are designed to be vandal proof and resist harsh weather conditions.

Analytics & Recording

We offer a special software package that uses the audio stream from our units to actively listen for gun-shots, car alarms, breaking glass and aggression. The same package also allow you to record the audio and video from our stations.

Integration with Overall Security System

If you use our dedicated AlphaCom XE communication platform you are able to integrate your entire communication solution with the security system. This means that the security guards will be able to work more efficiently using fewer man-hours. 


IP technology brings you endless possibilities for networking and remote management. You can easily manage remote sites from one central point using networking solutions such as VPN, Fiber, Wi-Fi bridges or Microwave Networking. 

Segment: Healthcare, City Protection & Public Safety, Education, Commercial & Corporate, Detention
Solution: Intercom
Systems: AlphaCom Server System