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Trading Floor Intercom Solutions

  • Trade Floor Intercom System

Trading room floors are highly demanding environments that require fast, crystal clear audio communication. Our AlphaCom XE Intercom System uses IP technology to provide superior audio quality to our own range of intercom stations and to other integrated IPBX telephony systems via SIP Trunking.

Audio Recording 

Recording and Playback of audio conversations can be critical in a trading floor environment. Vingtor-Stentofon Recorder software allows for all audio events to be recorded while multiple playback clients can be deployed to listen to audio events at any time or location.

Global/Local Simplex Conference

The head of trading can use simplex conferencing to globally broadcast, via a press of a button, essential news on stocks and commodities of interest during the morning call. It is possible through programming that specified traders can be allowed to speak while others can only listen. Numerous call variations can be established for effective communications.

Networking ,Scaling and Redundancy

AlphaCom XE uses the LAN infrastructure to create the desired system for specific requirements. A single AlphaCom XE node supports 552 extensions up to 254 nodes can be connected via IP.  Using VPN technology it is possible to add extensions in remote locations without the need of a local server. Finally, we also offer full redundancy on our platform by installing a back-up server.

Free Seating

The AlphaCom XE’s “free seating” feature allows a trader to go to any position on the floor and dial a pin code giving them access to their station number with their individual preset DAK (Direct Access Keys) programming.

SIP Trunking with IPBX solutions

This feature allows AlphaCom to interface via IP and place calls to/from many variations of IP phones or IP phone systems on the market today.  This is necessary if communication is required for those that are not permanently stationed at their desks and are more mobile throughout the day.  This can be acquired via cell phone or SIP client.

Global/Local Group Calls

AlphaCom XE allows for over 200 global/local call groups per node with any combination of stations. Anyone, within the system, can make global/local announcements to users.

DAK (Direct Access Key) Dialing

Each Vingtor-Stentofon intercom master is equipped with a minimum 10 DAK keys that can be programmed by the user for calling their most frequent intercom users or features.  Additional DAK keys per station are available and dependent on the type of station.

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Solution: Intercom
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