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IP Public Address System customized for Rail - Infrastructure

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Integration should be as easy as possible - that is why we offer application programming interfaces (API) and software development kits (SDK).

Our systems support open integration standards such as SIP, SNMP, SMPT, NTP, Syslog, G.722 and much more.

Exigo’s native IP enables unlimited networking capabilities.

Energy Efficiency

Using Class D amplifiers and other power saving means, we have a 85% power input to output ratio – something we are proud of. This is reducing the need for cooling and reduces a systems environmental impact.


As our Exigo system is also used in the offshore oil & gas segment, it is certified and tested beyond the rail & metro specific requirements.

See also: 9 reasons to choose Exigo IP Public Address (IP PA) System.

Features developed for Rail - Infrastructure

  • Controller/control room redundancy option
  • Fallback/redundancy paging panels for direct access to the controller in case of workstation falling out
  • Fallback/redundancy amplifiers. One amplifier can act as standby for up to 6 other amplifiers
  • Easy to use API/SDK for Passenger Information System (PIS) integration – enabling automatic PA announcements based on train location and other input
  • Redundant network interfaces
  • Ring coupling of amplifiers featuring built-in switch, supporting RSTP, for easy installation and redundancy
  • Custom workstation GUI for manual announcements if not supported by the PIS system GUI
  • Automatic volume adjustment per PA zone or amplifier channel
  • Supports text-to-speech implementation (Nuance or Acapela third-party technology)
  • IP loudspeakers for fully individually monitored speakers or cost effective smaller zones like tram stops, elevators, offices or even on-board solutions with announcement made from the OCC (suitable for driverless trains - on request)
  • Local PA announcement option (from stations etc.)
  • IP over 2-wire solution for retrofit using existing cabling (up to 1 km reach compared to Ethernet 100m limitation)
  • IP to analog audio converter with I/O’s for integrating existing amplifiers (less monitoring than native IP)
  • Digital radio integrations with digital radio systems, like TETRA, through SIP protocol. Make local PA announcements from the radio - at the scene! Receive PA announcements on the radio. As a Motorola partner, VINGTOR are also Motorola specialists.
Segment: Rail-Infrastructure
Solution: Public Address
Systems: EXIGO Networked IP PA/GA