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We honor the UN Global Compact principles

in the area of
Human Rights, Labor and Environment,

and strive to integrate them into our business strategy, culture, and daily operations.

The importance of ethical business practices


At Zenitel, we believe that doing business responsibly is key to success. We are committed to continuously improving our customers' experience while being mindful of our direct and indirect economic, social, and environmental impact on our surroundings and stakeholders. Our most significant contribution to the world is to ensure a safe and secure social environment by enabling our customers to protect life, property, and assets.

We honor the UN Global Compact ten principles in the areas of Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption and strive to integrate them into our business strategy, culture, and daily operations.

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Human Rights

Our Human Rights policy sets out the principles for how we relate to employees, consultants, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders.

We avoid breaking the human rights of others. We are particularly attentive to the human rights we are at risk of effecting the most, and to the people most vulnerable to potential negative effects. We respect and appreciate each other and embrace diversity.

To ensure that the ten principles of the UN Global Compact are fulfilled, partners and suppliers must sign our Code of Conduct and follow local legislation. Employees must go through a Code of Conduct training.

Zenitel employees are expected to use the procedure Raising an integrity concern to report suspected breaches.

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Supplier Qualifications

In 2021, we received a silver medal from EcoVadis, which puts us in the top 4% of companies rated by EcoVadis on the Wholesale of electronic and telecommunications equipment and parts industry.

We were also qualified as a supplier by Integrity Next and Magnet JQS.

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Transparency Act

A Norwegian law, the Transparency Act, became effective in July 2022. It requires companies to make sure human rights and decent working conditions are respected in their operations and supply chains. For questions about Zenitel´s human rights due diligence of the supply chain, please fill out the form below.

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