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Highways & Tolls Solutions

With hundreds of tolls installed, using Vingtor-Stentofon Critical communication Solutions in Europe, Zenitel has an important footprint in this part of the transportation segment.

A crucial function

Intercom at tolls is crucial for any user’s incident, claim and request. It is the best tool they can use for a solution to their problem with payment issues, car accidents, stuck barriers, etc through instant and clear conversations.

Audio quality is the most critical part of this solution, both for car drivers and highway operators. They communicate with each other in a very noisy environment and often, there are also different languages involved.

Meeting demands

Highway Toll intercom and audio solutions is a very demanding area. Noise, dust and frequent change in weather conditions require specific features such as

  • full open duplex 
  • noise cancellation 
  • station’s monitoring provisioning, and
  • integration with supervision tools.

Vingtor-Stentofon proven solution with vandal weather resistant SIP stations is especially designed to handle these extremes. Zenitel offers flexibility with fit for purpose solution to any project: retrofit or new; analog, IP or SIP; kit integration or tailor-made intercom stations for your specific need.

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