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High Level Security Parking Solutions

From multi-level parking garages or facilities, to fully automated car lots, the ability to provide high level security in these environments is paramount.

A large percentage of problems and liabilities usually occur in parking areas; yet, unlawful activities and emergency situations can be difficult to monitor and control. Whatever situation might arise, people need access to immediate assistance and the ability to clearly communicate. Our parking solutions greatly enhance security - with a simple push of an intercom button, users can establish direct communication with security personnel.

Operational Efficiency

In addition to the important security aspect, all parking facilities will also have high emphasize on maximum efficiency in daily operations, as well as revenue generating activities for the parking facility owners.

It is of outmost importance that you get easily in and out of the parking area and that the ticket printing and payment procedure is as effective as possible. With Vingtor-Stentofon intercom solutions, state of the art quality Intercom software and hardware fit directly in these parking environments.

If you are at a vehicle entry or exit gate, by the pay-on-foot machine, in the lift or at one of the parking levels - at the touch of a button on one of the emergency call stations you can initiate a  direct call for immediate assistance, help and support. The two-way communication is clear clearly through with no misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

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Key Products

  • TKIE-1

    Turbine  Extended  IP Kit

  • 1008114020

    Analog Intercom

  • Exigo Networked Amplifier

    Exigo Network Amplifier 2 x 200W

  • 1008111060
    IP and SIP Intercom

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