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Video Intercom

Zenitel Video Intercom Stations can be used with virtually any SIP server. As well, they interoperate with any Zenitel Audio Servers that deploys CCoiP (Critical Communications over IP).

The stations also works with our IC-EDGE platform, providing robust sound pressure levels and automatic volume controls within a small, economic and efficient footprint.

Three key elements

  • Intelligibility: the ability to hear, to be heard, and to be understood. If you deploy solutions that do not meet this basic yet profound test, you have failed.
  • Interoperability: the strategy and execution in developing a robust programmatic interface and, as a result, a partner ecosystem that allows end users and integrators to build interconnected solutions with access control, video surveillance, digital messaging and more.
  • “Illities”: the acknowledgement that critical communications are mission critical and must be measured to the “Ilities”. This includes: reliability, availability, maintainability and sustainability built into the form and function of the solution. 

Our video intercom stations drives these key elements forward while overcoming the problem of unintelligible communication and low resolution video in many of the products in the market today. This is achieved by providing a dynamic high definition (HD) quality solution that is flexible, expandable, and easily integrated. TCIV removes the obstacles of noise and bandwidth constraints with active noise reduction, echo cancellation, and processing power at the device. 

Zenitel Video Intercom Stations are   also remarkably durable and resilient against the most challenging environments. Zenitel's innovative design team engineered this critical communication solution to withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature, aggressive vandals, dirty and dusty environments, and water. As a native IP platform, it is easily integrated into a company’s networked solutions.

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Item number: 1008315020

IP and SIP Video Intercom


Item number: 1008315030

IP and SIP Video Intercom



Item number: 1490003010

Powerful Desktop Video Phone with 7” Touch Screen & Real-Time HD Video Telephony

This product has been replaced by
1490005010 ITSV-5



Item number: 1008315050

IP and SIP Video Intercom



Item number: 1008315060

IP and SIP Video Intercom



Item number: 1008331010

Turbine Video & VoIP Intercom Module



Item number: 1490002010

Powerful Desktop Video Phone with 5” capacitive touch screen and support for 720p HD video.



Item number: 1008117010
IP & SIP Video Intercom


Item number: 1490004010

 HD IP Video Phone with 5" Screen



Item number: 1490005010

 HD IP Video Phone with 8" Screen