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AlphaCom XE server system
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AlphaCom XE Server System

The Vingtor-Stentofon AlphaCom Critical Communication Portfolio offers State of The Art software and hardware.

AlphaCom delivers high quality audio while ensuring the voice and data packet is delivered on-time. AlphaCom protects resources in an IP intercom environment by using an embedded IP security mechanism. The AlphaCom XE provides a complete set of services, quality, reliability and security characteristics for which Vingtor-Stentofon products have always been recognized. Some of the points to highlight are:

  • HD Voice for outstanding clarity and intelligibility
  • a built-in firewall, integrated Web and SIP server
  • low latency switching
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability

Exchanges on AlphaNet over IP

Several exchanges can be interconnected on AlphaNet over IP, as well as traditional methods, both locally and worldwide. All communication and services are available throughout the entire network.

The AlphaCom XE Exchanges includes extended integration of different kinds of communication and alarm systems, access control, CCTV, public address, public telephones and a variety of features and solutions that can be added when desired. It is easy to integrate to 3rd party systems and create special applications. 

The new technology allows remote programming, logging and maintenance via AlphaPro, Syslog and standard web browsers. 

Some features

  • Stateful; security server with advanced security and monitoring features
  • 552 devices per server
  • Networkable; up to 254 servers can be connected in a multi-node configuration
  • Redundant and survivable; using the High-availability option
  • Programmable and flexible with advanced EventHandler programming
  • Backward compatible; The Alphacom XE-series is compatible with Stentofon’s analogue stations 
  • Future proof: Alphacom XE is IP-based and supports industry standard protocols such as SIP, SNMP, OPC and more

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