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Smart 1 - Intelligent Wireless Voice & Alarm

The SMART1 system is a modern, secure, wireless speech system.  It is designed for those in need of the highest possible availability and uptime for their solution.

SMART1 takes the benefits of todays and tomorrow's smartphones and their apps, combines it with the advantages of traditional DECT Phone systems and their well-known uptime and scalability. Given these requisites, combined with alarm/messaging integration and precise indoor location, we have created the perfect choice for an onsite communication solution.

 The SMART1 concept creates an almost an ideal solution for small to medium enterprise wireless voice systems.

SMART1 medium

Some features

  • Interference free HD voice via CAT-iQ
  • Video, apps, alarm, voice and messaging.
  • Top display for alarms and messages
  • Dedicated alarm and emergency button
  • Push to talk for quick and easy direct communication
  • Maximum coverage and reduced installation time
  • No need for centralized server
  • IP PBX or SIP server
  • LAN or AIR sync

SMART System medium w300SMART1 – Design & Technology

Traditional DECT systems has always been renowned for their superior voice quality, seamless handover and interference free voice communication.

SMART1 adds to the traditional DECT systems, the latest technology for high bandwidth data with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and BLE for “cutting the wire technologies” and NFC for near field communication, giving you a fantastic opportunity to create and support your own business, no matter what happens with the mobile phone networks.

Messaging and alarms are transmitted both over DECT as well as Wi-Fi. There is no central point of failure, no DECT server that hosts all data, everything is spread over multiple parts in the system with a complete redundancy and load balancing in mind.

Despite the focus on security SMART1 is completely open for integration thanks to its native Android platform and an "open mind" in development.

SMART1 Products

CMS Server


IP DECT Alarm and Message Server for SMART1 systems.

CMS Virtual Machine


IP DECT Alarm and Message system as a virtual appliance for SMART1 systems.

SMART1 Phone Multi Charger


The smart multi charger for SMART1 handset.

Wall mount for SMART1 Multi Charger


Wall kit for SMART1 Multi Charger

SMART Access Point


SMART1 multicell base station

SMART1 Spare Battery


Spare battery for SMART1 DECT Phone

SMART1 Phone Dual Charger


The smart dual charger for SMART1 handset.

SMART1 Fixed Belt Clip


Fixed Clip for SMART1 Phone

SMART1 Manager Software


SMART1 Manager software for managing, controlling and updating the SMART1 handsets.

SMART1 Appliance Server


Appliance Server for SMART1 Manager, CMS and virtual PBX.

SMART1 Swivel Clip


 Clip with swivel for SMART1 Phone

SMART1 Handset with DECT, Wifi, Android


Android based DECT Smartphone with WiFi.

SPEAK Voice Dect Handset


Easy to use lightweight DECT handset.