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Fishing Vessels

Reliable and Integrated Communication

When crew safety and welfare is paramount

Communication Solutions for Fishing Vessels

Zenitel delivers reliable and fully integrated communication solutions for fishing vessels so you can ensure crew safety and operational efficiency in one of the most dangerous and harshest marine environments.




Aqua Culture

Turnkey solutions for critical onboard communication

Explore maximum reliability and flexibility with our design where all important communication solutions, such as PAGA, Intercom, and Talk-back that are integrated into a single system.

Crew welfare and safety

Ensure Crew welfare and reliable uninterrupted onboard communication

Success and safety during long-term and arduous fishing starts with highly reliable modern communication system built to withstand water, wind, extremal temperatures, and other maritime challenges.

Your crew solves the most difficult tasks on the working deck, which is why it is crucial to ensure excellent onboard communication quality and provide crewmembers with easy-to-use and convenient equipment. With our turnkey Marine Approved Systems, you get all the benefits of a fully integrated IP-solution designed to meet your specific needs and backed by our engineering expertise.

Integration between systems

Complete integration between critical onboard communication solutions

Zenitel delivers a full range of communication solutions for fishing vessels. We build a complete system using Intercom, Telephony and PABX, Public Address & General Alarm, VHF Radios as well as entertainment IPTV Systems IT and other solutions.

You get all the benefits of integrated, cost-effective solutions that are implemented in the shortest possible time and can be installed at the stage of shipbuilding or during the ongoing upgrade of the already sailing vessel.

Zenitel experience & expertise

Turnkey solutions for various types of fishing vessels

  • Maritime approval. We provide the highest reliability and safety standards according to rules and regulations
  • Crystal clear crew communication on your fishing vessel’s working deck or anywhere else across the ship
  • Interface between systems: improve user experience and operational efficiency with a single communication system based on IP technology and excellent integration capabilities
  • Turnkey delivery of onboard communication systems: our engineers will build a custom solution with the necessary modules (functions and capabilities) tailored to your needs and the size of your ship crew.

With our lightweight, robust and corrosion-resistant equipment, we build a reliable communication system between all vital positions onboard. Zenitel VSP Batteryless Telephone System is created to be independent of the ship's power supply and provides your crew with high speech quality and effective noise suppression.

Create a thoroughly reliable and easy-to-use wireless communication system for your crew members. We offer cost-effective, scalable, and flexible IP DECT solutions and provide all needed modules to meet your needs, including a wide range of base stations and handsets designed to work in the harshest maritime environments.

Zenitel provides vessels with efficient CCTV systems built to become a part of the overall safety and security system. With our marine-approved CCTV cameras, Video Management Software, and Intercom stations with HD camera, you get a reliable video surveillance and area monitoring solution.

Zenitel delivers a fully integrated fishing vessel intercom, based on our modern ICX AlphaCom server. Experience flexibility, scalability, and state-of-the-art design of our solution that integrates Intercom, Two-Way Radio, PAGA, and other IP-PBX modules in a single system.

Our engineers create a custom IPTV solution as an important part of crew welfare services. We design and configure easy-to-set-up entertainment systems that employs important information transmitting function. With Zenitel solutions, you get space efficiency, perfect for fishing vessels, as well as access to analog and digital TV signals, interactive TV, and many other media features.

Zenitel provides all required modules for building an infrastructure for communicational systems. As well as we can offer an «all in one cable» solution using a single cable type to create a backbone for all communicational systems, including IP and analog telephone, IPTV, Marine PAGA, and internet access.

LNG & Battery powered fishing vessel

Norway/ Fishing vessel Libas

Now Liegruppen is expanding their fleet with a third fishing vessel, Libas. Libas is scheduled for delivery in Q2 of 2020 and is a combination LNG & battery-powered seiner. Libas will be the first fishing vessel that runs on a combination of gas and battery propulsion. The vessel – designed by Salt Ship Design AS and built at Cemre Shipyard in Turkey – will be 86 meters long and 17.80 meters wide. The deadweight is 4190 tons, and it can accommodate a crew of up to 16.

Through our long-term partner Konomar – based in Istanbul, Turkey – Zenitel has delivered a wide range of critical communication, entertainment and safety equipment for fishing vessel Libas. Konomar has worked on numerous newbuild projects both at Cemre and at shipyards around the world. They specialize in providing integrated, type-approved and certified systems for navigation, communication, data, safety and entertainment.

Docklands Light Railway

Maritime & Energy Services

At Maritime & Energy Solutions, we don't just provide top-of-the-line products - we offer unparalleled support and expertise every step of the way. Our skilled engineers are here to help you from start to finish, ensuring your success in designing, operating, and integrating our solutions into your vessels.

Experience the power of expert design and engineering for your maritime and energy projects.

From planning to training, we handle every step with confidence and expertise for a seamless experience.

With our broad technology knowledge and attention to detail, we seamlessly connect all components from design to implementation. 

Our Factory and Site Acceptance Tests guarantee in depth review of high-quality equipment design and performance

Trust us to provide you with the expertise you need to install and maintain your telecommunication systems flawlessly.

From step-by-step documentation to immersive hands-on experiences, we've got you covered.