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Ensure crew safety and reliable operations

Staying in conformance

Zenitel delivers systems in conformance with the rules and we have type approvals from all major classification societies. Our products are tested according to IEC 60945, IEC 60533 and IACS among other standards, and comply with SOLAS regulations and codes for on-board communications systems.


Oil & Gas rigs

Self-propelled vessels

Integrated and reliable communication network

Floaters are self-propelled vessels especially designed for production, drilling, accommodation and other operations with on-board areas classified as hazardous (EX areas). 

Ships, semi submersibles and jack-ups all require systems in conformance with the rules of major classification societies for both marine approvals and mobile offshore drilling/production units (MODU/MOPU).

Our specialty for Floater segment lies within IP-based PAGA, Two-Way Radio, IP Intercom & PABX, CCTV and LAN infrastructure.

Replace old technology

Retrofit solutions

We have gained vast experience in retrofitting old systems on board different type of vessels. We have also experience in installation and commissioning of new A + B systems on “live” production units without downtime. We have solutions where we can install new, IP based systems and still use the old cabling and run IP over 2-wire (Flowire Ethernet Converter). This is both cost efficient and less time consuming than running new cables.

Real time view of system

Monitoring solutions

Local or remote monitoring gives you a real time view of your entire system. Exigo is a fully monitored PAGA system with centralized monitoring, reporting and logging. All our IP devices also support SNMP for seamless integration into network management systems (NMS) or telecom management systems (TMS). From general status to temperature and down to microphone integrity can be monitored locally or remotely.

The Zenitel Exigo PAGA system is a scalable and flexible IP-based PAGA system, which is designed to meet the stringent requirements for energy applications.

One of the key selling points of Exigo PAGA is the integration ability, either with Zenitel's own product line or any third-party products in the IP range, such as Two-Way radio, DECT, CCTV, PBX, Alarms and more. Use of outdoor – and indoor – IP speakers can deliver savings on both costs and valuable space, using the network as carrier.


Zenitel is Value Added Motorola reseller, and we utilize Motorola Two-Way Radio products for a variety of applications and customer segments in the maritime and energy business.

We fully integrate radio in our communication systems, allowing IP-PBX from any location connected to the network to call and monitor radio, two-way PA broadcast with radio or a fully redundant voice gate from TETRA to VHF-AM and VHF-FM.

Zenitel designs and delivers full CCTV systems for use in energy applications around the world.

Our key selling point is the full integration with PAGA and PBX, allowing effective monitoring and voice communication – enhancing the security and safety features from a stand-alone CCTV system. We have a range of CCTV products for outdoor and indoor use, compliant with Ex and ATEX directives, heat detection and more.

Zenitel is recognized as a turn-key integrator of Intercom & PABX systems for use in demanding environments.

With our new modern ICX AlphaCom server, not only do we offer a state-of-the-art IP based Intercom server, but fully integration with own range of IP stations, as well as most other vendors IP based stations. Our PBX is fully scalable and interoperable with other IP-PBX systems, PAGA and Two-Way Radio.

Case Study to come


Although we have delivered solutions for floaters and rigs all around the world, we don't always have permission to create a case study on them.

What we can promise is that you will find case studies on all our segments as soon as they have been created and approved by clients.

For other case studies you can always check out our Newsroom below.

Docklands Light Railway

Maritime & Energy Services

At Maritime & Energy Solutions, we don't just provide top-of-the-line products - we offer unparalleled support and expertise every step of the way. Our skilled engineers are here to help you from start to finish, ensuring your success in designing, operating, and integrating our solutions into your vessels.

Experience the power of expert design and engineering for your maritime and energy projects.

From planning to training, we handle every step with confidence and expertise for a seamless experience.

With our broad technology knowledge and attention to detail, we seamlessly connect all components from design to implementation. 

Our Factory and Site Acceptance Tests guarantee in depth review of high-quality equipment design and performance

Trust us to provide you with the expertise you need to install and maintain your telecommunication systems flawlessly.

From step-by-step documentation to immersive hands-on experiences, we've got you covered.