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Prison Communication Solutions

Increased security
with integrated voice communication

Prison Communication Solutions

Prisons and detention centers demand a reliable and high-quality communication system that is available around the clock. Our prison communication solutions are designed to enable guards to work efficiently and provide the level of security detainees and visitors depend on.


Correctional Facilities

Detention Centers


our state-of-the-art communication solutions that deliver the interoperability you need and the reliability you demand.

Intercom systems

Access Control

Intercom stations that provide efficient audio and video assistance for visitors and controlled access for doors, gates and airlocks. Optional integration with access control systems, video management systems and central door locking.

Intercom systems

Visitor Management

Intercoms placed in visitor areas where conversation can be granted, monitored, and recorded from the control center.

Intercom systems

Cell Communication and Monitoring

Vandal resistant purpose built intercoms that can be configured to support, i.e., emergency calls and music/radio feeds. Supports audio level monitoring, which means an alarm is triggered if the noise level reaches and threshold.


Wards' Main Switchboards

Our solution can easily be integrated with prison management systems, to enhance the wards' and guards' insights into situations and events in cells and sections. Calls can be forwarded manually or automatically to other control desks, intercom stations, and more.

Public Address and Voice Alarm

Broadcast information, alerts and evacuation procedures

Broadcast live or prerecorded messages to cells, sections, and common areas inside and outside the prison for information, warnings and evacuation purposes.

Intercom systems

In-Building Communication for Administrative and Custodial Staff

Intercom stations for in-building communication, include purpose made intercoms for infirmaries.

3 gang, 1 button, IP and SIP Intercom

Tough, durable, and resilient and designed for use in the harshest of environments.

3 gang, 1 button, (piezo) IP and SIP intercom

Designed for use in the most hostile environments; resilient, durable, and self-test enabled.

IP Vandal Resistant one button Substation

The IPVRS-1 is typically used as a communication, information or emergency point and connects directly to the IP network, making it easy to deploy – anywhere and at any distance.

The ICX-Alphacom Platform is the core of our communication system. With the ability to connect our intercom stations as well as external SIP devices, you’ll have the capacity you need to achieve unprecedented levels of connectivity in any environment.

Our prison-grade, vandal-resistant intercom is the TMIS-2. Powerful speakers, automated volume adjustment, and background noise reduction give the stations clear audio.

Turbine IP Mini Intercoms are durable and ideal for cell and emergency point communication in wards and common areas.

The Turbine stations provide crystal-clear audio thanks to powerful speakers, automatic volume adjustment, and background noise cancellation.

Next generation of IP Speakers for mount on walls and in ceilings and feature a built-in 10W Class D amplifier.

Powerful desktop video phones featuring touch screen, real-time HD video telephony, built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, and more.

Available as an accessory for our Turbine compact series, to address the need for contactless communication, for a variety of settings and applications.

Fast turnover of Cell Call system to IP


Sunshine Police Station was equipped with a Ring-Master RM5000 with Crisis Alert add-on for all Cell Call duties, and had been under the microscope for a few years as the aging system began to fail.

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