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Audio Excellence -
Intelligibility makes the difference

Zenitel’s Audio Solutions offer multiple usage scenarios, cost-effectiveness and audio excellence you can always rely on.

Explore excellent audio quality

The flexible capabilities of audio can cover many more applications compared with other technologies in security systems. Our PAVA and PAGA systems ensure important messages, entertaining content or alarms broadcasting every time it’s needed. Explore all the benefits of exceptional audio performance with PAVA and PAGA that are designed for all environment types, including the noisiest ones:

Sound and speech systems can improve facility security when integrated with video surveillance, access control, and perimeter detection systems.

A loudspeaker's aural coverage alerts the crowd better than a video screen or visual announcement. Audio systems are great for one-to-many announcements, casual or critical, because crowd members don't have to split up to watch a screen.

Communication with the "eye in the sky" can save time and help staff with limited sightlines resolve issues. Task completion has never been easier than with security system's two-way audio intercoms.

Don’t miss a single word

In emergency situations every word can be crucial, but a person in distress may have trouble with articulation, which leads to low speech intelligibility. That’s why our intelligent solutions offer not only great signal versus noise ratio, but provide you with an excellent STI (Speech Transmission Index) score. With Zenitel’s PAVA and PAGA systems, created for both comfort and emergency, you can be sure to hear, be heard and be understood.

Audio quality you can always rely on

Zenitel creates communication systems with excellent background noise reduction. We also provide high speech intelligibility — that’s one of the most important measures of the solution’s effectiveness. To provide the best-in-class, crystal clear audio, low distortion and a full frequency response, we optimized our solutions with clever amplifier topology and equipped them with 32 bit internal processing.

Explore the best in class scalability

Get the excellent performance and redundancy with a wide range of design options. Your PAVA or PAGA systems can be created based on centralized and de-centralized architectures, multiple installation and configuration options to cover all the needed zones across your facility.

Cost-effectiveness and seamless integration

Lower your operational costs with our solutions that support multiple usage scenarios. PAVA and PAGA systems can be integrated with other business or security services, such as access control or background music systems, so you can get all the benefits of combined audio solutions.

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