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Smart City Security Solutions

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Smart City Security Solutions

Cities are built on a backbone of communication, smart-connections, and integrations between the various local service sub-systems that make up a city. With the advancement of technology, smart city security solutions aim to improve resiliency, public safety, security, sustainability, traffic management, and transportation services.

Public Areas

City Centers



Our state-of-the-art communication solutions that deliver the interoperability you need and the reliability you demand.

Intercom systems

Information and Emergency Points

Our small-footprint stations designed for outdoor installation make excellent information and emergency points that can be placed throughout any community.

Our customizable emergency stanchions and blue-light stations come with voice activity detection that can be configured to activate emergency calls or trigger local cameras.

Intercom systems

Visitor Management

Turbine IP intercom stations placed at doors, parking and ticket barriers, and secure entrances serve to welcome people, identify them, and let them in remotely. Our stations are vandal, water, dirt, and dust resistant and can be placed anywhere without worrying about wear and tear.

Our market-leading audio and noise cancellation offers clear and powerful audio regardless of background noise from people and traffic, and our built-in cameras give you visual verification during calls.

Public Address and Voice Alarm

City-Wide Public Address for Information and Emergencies

All our intercom stations have powerful built-in speakers that give them dual functionality as PA systems for mass notifications without the need to install additional public address equipment.

Not only do the stations decrease installation time and needed space, but they allow PA coverage in areas where other kinds of equipment cannot be installed due to infrastructure or other considerations. This makes it easy to link PA coverage in transportation hubs, road tunnels, power facilities, and other infrastructure into the city-wide system.

The ICX-Alphacom Platform is the core of our communication system. With the ability to connect our intercom stations as well as external SIP devices, you’ll have the capacity you need to achieve unprecedented levels of connectivity in any environment.

The Turbine stations provide crystal-clear audio thanks to powerful speakers, automatic volume adjustment, and background noise cancellation.

Zenitel IP speaker features a built-in 10W Class D amplifier which eliminates the need for a central amplifier unit with conventional speaker loops. Easily add add more speakers, split into groups or addressed individually

Zenitel Turbine Intercom included in a case study done by Genetec


In a Genetec case study about Mobile Shutdown Systems B.V.’s offer of Security Monitoring for High-Risk Industrial Projects, Zenitel' SIP Intercom Equipment is included as part of Sipelia Communications Management module within Security Center

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