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It's all about the people you protect

Zenitel's reliable, robust and scalable communication solutions guide and protect millions of  travelers on their rail journeys every day.

With a wide range of Public Address/Voice Alarm and Emergency Help Points for Rail Infrastructure as well as for Rolling stock, Zenitel is truly the one-stop shop for your audio communication needs. We offer tailored packages and turnkey solutions to meet your specific requirements.

We are trusted around the globe

Public Address and Voice Alarm Solutions

We help you keep your travelers informed with both live and automated operational and critical broadcasts.

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Emergency Communication Solutions

We enhance railway safety and security by providing your staff with a quick and efficient emergency management system.

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Integrated Control Solutions

Control and monitor your passenger information and line monitoring system under one umbrella.

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Give a voice to your security solution

Zenitel creates communication systems that provide peace of mind and keep your employees, customers, and assets safe. Our help points are used in thousands of transport hubs worldwide and ensure clear, real-time audio and visual communication every time it’s needed.

We set seamless integration between our solutions and Video management, rail signaling, passenger information systems, access
control, and other security systems to keep millions of people informed and protected.

Unparalleled voice quality, even in dynamic, noisy environments 

Reinforce your overall railway security with Zenitel systems. Our unique customizable Automatic Volume Control (AVC) and Ambient Noise Sensor (ANS) technologies empower to dynamically adjust the output volume levels of passenger call points and PA announcements.

Whatever happens, you get the perfect clarity for emergency communication even in noisy environments.

Robust. Reliable. Tailored to perform for railway transport

Zenitel communication solutions are designed to withstand the harshest environmental challenges and are built to provide you with 24/7 operations and minimal downtime.

We provide solutions that result in lower whole life costs, reduced risk, and decreased total cost of ownership for our customers throughout the entire product lifecycle. With systems that have been in operation for over 20+ years, Zenitel boasts higher system availability and offers solutions with no single point of failure.

Deliver your message clearly in any situation and keep your travelers safe

Zenitel Public address and voice alarm ensure every message is delivered in real time and clearly in any situation, especially in case of emergencies.

Our scalable, reliable and cost-effective solutions come with in-built automatic fault reporting combined with an intuitive interface that minimizes human error.

Our VIPEDIA range combines 25 years of experience in voice alarm, public address and audio with the latest IP technology.

An open and intuitive integrated management platform. Offering comprehensive control, monitoring, and incident analysis across all transport and site safety, security and communications subsystems

Intercom stations providing crystal-clear audio thanks to powerful speakers, HD video, automatic volume adjustment, background noise cancellation, and more.

The ultimate solution for convenient, secure access. No matter the size of your installation, these intercoms are the ideal choice for situations that require staff authorization at doorways and barriers, as well as visitor management at multi-tenant properties.

Supporting you all the way

When it comes to transportation solutions, Zenitel’s reliability and quality are unparalleled. But what truly sets us apart from the competition is the comprehensive range of services and support that we offer.

Our specialists can join at any stage to
help specify and design a solution.

Comprehensive design services, from requirements capture to technical

End-to-end delivery services, from system building and testing to international export.

Our engineers are experts in commissioning, testing and integrating systems.

Our training courses cover all our products and systems and cater for all skill levels.

We offer customizable annual 3rd line maintenance contracts for clients needing support.

We also cover a range of other transport markets

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