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Deutsche Bahn

Crystal clear communication for Deutsche Bahn’s new fleet.

Deutche Bahn Colway

The Requirement

From the inception of the project, DB made it clear that delivering a stellar auditory experience for their passengers was the top priority. The onboard audio system needed to serve a variety of critical functions, including emergency notifications, operational announcements, and entertainment offerings too, which made Zenitel the natural port of call.

All communication points needed to be resilient to dynamic noise levels generated by high-speed trains and large volumes of passengers during peak hours. Additionally, to guarantee an exceptional audio experience, DB made it a non-negotiable requirement that the end-to-end latency for live announcements must not exceed 50ms to avoid acoustic echoes.

The Solution

Zenitel worked in conjunction with Colway 08 Industrial, implementing a bottom-up approach to product design. The brief demanded bespoke hardware, mechanical and software solutions to fully meet DB’s needs. Zenitel, together with Colway, delivered a sophisticated audio communication system that surpassed expectations.

The solution included a driver communication panel, passenger help points, accessible help points for those with reduced mobility, and a public address system throughout the train. All Zenitel products and technologies were integrated into Talgo’s fleet platform with future expansion in mind: all Zenitel’s products are based on open protocols, making it easier to control and monitor from 3rd party systems without complex integrations.

Additionally, Zenitel offered a unique hardware and software solution that dynamically adjusts the output volume levels of passenger help points. Thanks to Zenitel’s Automatic Volume Control (AVC) feature, operators and travelers alike can be heard and understood, all the time.