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Tunelový Rozhlas, Slovakia

EN 54-compliant voice alarm to handle the challenging acoustic environment.

Tunnel Slovakia

The Requirement

Slovakian highway construction and maintenance company, Národná dialničná spoločnosť, a.s., recently
deployed a sophisticated ASL/Zenitel Voice Alarm (VA) system for three motorway tunnels on the D1 and D3
motorways which bypass the city of Žilina in Northwest Slovakia, spanning over 6km of road. The brief was to
provide an EN 54-compliant system for a series of motorway tunnels to allow for the safe and troublefree evacuation of people in case of a fire event or traffic accident. The system had to cater for acoustic challenges of tunnels and to be centrally controlled and monitored.

The Solution

The system was designed and supplied by ASL/Zenitel’s distributor and system design specialists, Avalon, with support from ASL/Zenitel. The three tunnels were treated as separate entities, with two or three racks installed in each. Each rack consisted of a VIPEDIA-12-NET audio controller with eight message players and ASL/Zenitel’s V2000 range amplifiers, allowing complex scenarios to be programmed.

Built-in SFP modules allow the connection of the single mode fibreoptic cables required to cover the large distances involved. Delays to speaker outputs were calculated and configured via the VIPEDIA’s powerful DSP to ensure optimum intelligibility

An ASL/Zenitel iVENCS control system provides a central control and monitoring location that conveniently
brings together the three remote tunnel systems. A 2D map shows the status of the PAVA system in the tunnel
and allows pre-recorded and live announcements to be made as required