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Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit

Zenitel deploys a sophisticated multi-node display system to improve the passenger experience for the Malaysian railway line.


The Requirement

The 51km-long line required a multi-node distributed Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) to display live train information, synchronised PA/PIDS messages,
images and logos, safety messages and billable advertising. This was also required to integrate with the Public Address Voice Alarm (PAVA) equipment, so that screens located on the station platforms would display emergency information and wayfinding in the event of an emergency.

The Solution

Zenitel provided VIPEDIA-12 and V2000 PAVA amplification and routing, together with our iVENCS Control System for PIDS, with intuitive user displays that allow complete control at multiple workstations across the operational control centres and each station. Multiple server redundancy ensures peace of mind whilst each workstation also includes its own local server, so that each station’s passenger information displays can continue to operate even if the line’s IP network fails. Zenitel’s graphic passenger information displays include live train running information in multiple languages, videos, and revenue-earning advertising space, all controlled centrally from iVENCS workstations.

Besides controlling PIDS, iVENCS enables full control of the entire PAVA system, with redundant A+B routing and amplification. The system also seamlessly integrates with the third-party fire alarm system, where both PAVA announcements and displays on the platforms display important passenger information in the event of an emergency