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Oslo Central Station

Emergency communication system at critical points within the station that connects passengers and staff to control room operators.

Oslo Central Station

The Requirement

To minimize the presence and responsibilities of security personnel at train stations, it was necessary to install reliable communication points at critical locations for passengers to be able to seek assistance from rail personnel.

These communication points need to be able to withstand a range of noise levels generated by high-speed trains and large crowds during peak hours. As such, the customer was looking for a best-in-class audio communication solution that could deliver high-quality sound regardless of the acoustic conditions. Additionally, since the communication points will be located next to rail platforms, it was crucial that they meet all relevant rail standards and norms. Zenitel was well-positioned to deliver a solution meeting all these requirements

The Solution

Zenitel provided a cutting-edge communication solution to help passengers in distress. The solution is based on a modular and scalable Voice over IP communication server called AlphaCom XE. This system can be customized to support a wide range of specific and complex applications as your business grows and evolves.

In addition to the communication server, Zenitel also installed emergency help points at key locations throughout
the station, including parking entry points and platform areas. These help points use special hardware and
software that adjusts the volume levels dynamically during a conversation, making them effective even in noisy
areas like car park entries. Customers can also configure the audio settings to meet their specific needs.

The emergency call points have Zenitel’s advanced audio capabilities integrated. This includes Active Noise
Cancellation, Automatic Volume Control, Automatic Gain Control, and Echo Cancellation. It also includes the critical communication server AlphaCom XE1, and operator telephones in the control room