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Full Scale Services

In addition to the quality and reliability of our products, what sets Transportation Solutions apart is the wealth of services and support we provide. We pride ourselves that we’re not just a hardware manufacturer – our expert teams of trained engineers based in the UK and the Middle East are on hand to assist you at every stage, from the initial specification right through to final field commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

We offer true turnkey solutions by working closely alongside project consultants, specifiers and system integrators.

Our specialists can join at any stage to help specify and design a solution

System Specification

Our application specialists can enter the system specification process at any stage – helping the consultant or specifier to design a solution to given criteria, meet a particular standard, address a particular challenge or provide input with the acoustic or speaker design. We collaborate with your team every step of the way to ensure the most effective solution.

Solution Design

Our team of trained and experienced engineers is at your disposal, offering a wide range of design services. These range from detailed requirement capture right through to technical drawings.

Technical Project Management

The dedicated technical project manager works with you to further develop your system specification into a bespoke design, capturing all configuration parameters, whilst ensuring all the relevant standards are maintained. Once the system design has been signed off, it is then passed on to our CAD team.

Computer-Aided Design

We have a highly skilled team of CAD engineers who can turn the ASL system design into a series of detailed diagrams, allowing either our team or your team to build and cable the system. While the standard diagram pack includes a general arrangement, terminal, and wiring schematic, additional diagrams and custom templates may be added per your request. This service also includes the generation of 2D / 3D models used within our iVENCS control system

Comprehensive design services, from requirements capture to technical drawings

System Specification

Our team of application specialists can assist with the system specification process at any point. We can work alongside consultants or specifiers to design solutions that meet specific criteria, address unique challenges, or provide input on acoustic and speaker design. We collaborate with your team at every step to ensure the most effective solution is achieved.

If you require assistance with your next project, don’t hesitate to call us today

End-to-end delivery services, from system building and testing to international export

Delivery Solutions

Our experienced and trained team of engineers offer a broad range of delivery services to help you with system build, testing, and international exports. These services include:

Technical Project Management

Our in-house project managers are specialized in project planning, procurement, design, and delivery. They guide you through the delivery of your project from start to finish, ensuring that key deliverables are always met. We can either manage projects in line with an established plan or provide our own best practice methodology, tailored to your needs.

System Build and Configuration

We have a large 6,000 sq ft industrial unit with the facilities and space to build and test even the largest multi-cabinet systems or deliver multiple smaller projects in parallel, reducing lead times. Our rack builds are consistently rated as outstanding by our customers. Alternatively, we can cable and test customized wiring looms to simplify deployment of ASL equipment on site into existing racks.

System Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

In addition to our System Acceptance Test (SAT), we offer a range of witnessable Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) to provide assurance that the system will work as intended when it arrives on site. We can customize the testing to address any specific concerns you may have. The testing is hosted at our premises in the presence of our ASL team and up to six customer representatives. Alternatively, the session can be recorded or live-streamed. During the session, we offer a range of refreshments for your team to stay focused.

Virtual FAT

We now offer a fully virtual FAT option using Microsoft Teams and high-definition PTZ cameras. This can supplement a traditional witnessed FAT or open the experience to a wider global audience.

Logistics & Delivery

We have extensive experience in logistics and delivery planning to accommodate and support our international customers. Our dispatch team works with global delivery networks to ensure export documentation is appropriate, arrange delivery where you need it, and accommodate special considerations such as wooden crating for sea or air travel. We also maintain a large stock holding in our UK warehouse to minimize lead times

Our engineers are experts in commissioning, testing and integrating systems

Site Commissioning

We have a team of skilled and experienced site engineers available to provide site services both in the UK and abroad. Our engineers have a combined 80 years of experience in configuring, commissioning, and troubleshooting PAVA and iVENCS systems in the field, ensuring they have the expertise to meet your requirements. Our site services include an initial site survey, commissioning support, system upgrades, and more:

Site Survey

Our team offers both intrusive and non-intrusive site surveys to determine the current status of your system and potential project scope, whether you need an upgrade of your existing system or a new build. We can tailor our survey to your specific requirements, which may include visual inspection, configuration extraction, and speaker line impedance testing. We can also evaluate your existing installation, including an ASL system performance check, ensuring that the highest safety standards are maintained. A full report is provided upon completion.

Commissioning Support

Once your PAVA or iVENCS system is installed, our experienced site engineers can provide support with a range of commissioning and integration activities. This service ensures that your equipment is installed and fitted as per the manufacturer’s and industry’s best practice standards, giving you reassurance as an end-user. We can also work with your trained team during this process to pass on knowledge and answer any field-specific questions. To save time and money, our team of engineers is also available remotely 24/7 via phone or TeamViewer to support your commissioning team.

System Upgrades

We understand that hardware can become obsolete over time, and new technologies are continually being released. To support our customers, we offer an upgrade path using ASL’s next-generation range of VIPEDIA routers, designed to be compatible with existing site peripherals, interfaces, and the V400 range. Our skilled site support team works alongside local install teams to deliver site upgrades, even in the most complex sites. We can also assist with practical works such as change-over methodology and commissioning, while our integration partners are onsite to help. This upgrade option helps improve overall return on investment, minimizes upgrade costs, and ensures effective obsolescence management.

Extra Site Services

Our site services are designed to complement those provided by any proficient systems integrator. If you need site installation, cable pulling, site drawings, or STI inspections, we would be happy to recommend a suitable and experienced integrator or acoustician.

Our training courses cover all our products and systems and cater for all skill levels

On Going Support – Training

Our comprehensive range of training courses covers all ASL products and systems and is tailored to meet the needs of different user types and skill levels.

For system integrators, configurators, and maintenance personnel, we offer comprehensive courses covering public address and voice alarm system fundamentals, router configuration, amplifier and peripheral management, and more. Upon course completion, attendees can confidently install, configure, and maintain ASL products and systems.

Our operator training is designed to teach users how to use our control systems comfortably and confidently. With a hands-on approach, our experienced trainers offer one-to-one guidance to no more than six students per class, with two students per training equipment.

Our dedicated training facility at our UK headquarters is the primary location for our training courses. However, we can also provide training at your site or office. In light of the current pandemic, we have invested in our online training portal, which complements live sessions, and we offer select training programs online.

We also offer fully customizable training courses that are tailored to your project requirements.

Please contact us today, and our team will advise you on the best training options to meet your needs.

We offer customizable annual 3rd line maintenance contracts for clients needing support

3rd line maintenance

For critical sites that require the peace of mind offered by direct manufacturer support, we offer an extensive range of annual 3rd line maintenance contracts, all of which can be fully tailored to your specific requirements. Our dedicated technical support team has a wealth of experience in configuring, commissioning, and troubleshooting PAVA and iVENCS systems. Direct access to the R&D teams, software engineers, and product developers enables our tech support personnel to identify and resolve issues without unnecessary delay.

Our standard 3rd line annual maintenance contracts may be tailored to include:

  • An initial site survey to ensure our engineers know the complexities of your site
  • Remote telephone support
  • Routine system health checks, both onsite and remote
    24/7/365 telephone support
  • Service Level Agreements with varying response times (SLAs)<1hr, <4hr and <7.5hrMonthly, quarterly, and annual reporting
    On-site upgrades to long-term support (LTS) firmware
  • Proactive system monitoring
    Enhanced ASL Helpdesk login and knowledge base access
  • Reduced training pricing
  • Extended warranties
  • System firmware upgrades
  • And more…

If you require additional support in other areas, our maintenance contracts are flexible and can be tailored to your requirements.

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