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Seamless Integration

Zenitel offers a wide variety of seamless integrated solutions with leading brands, which enable you to add audio to almost any Security System. Explore the benefits of all your communication solutions functioning as a single system!

Unified audio platform for safety and security reinforcement and cost-effectiveness

You can use dozens of different systems to ensure the safety, comfort and entertainment of your employees. But that doesn't mean you have to deal with all the management challenges and use segregated products or complex third-party applications and invest in multiple solutions to get the features you need. Zenitel offers a seamless integration for safety, security, maritime, energy, transportation and other applications. And we not only set our products to work together, but we provide an interface between our and other vendor's solutions. Learn more about our Integration HUB.

Integration can be simple and smooth

Zenitel delivers a wide range of integrated solutions, enabling you to create a unified audio platform. We also combine a wide range of other vendor’s communication products into a single system to provide your staff with easy management, remote control and surveillance. And with combined audio solutions, you can lower your costs.

Integrated system vs single solutions

Integration is crucial for safety and security, especially for transportation facilities. When all your solutions (such as Intercom, video surveillance, help points, IP speakers, access control, PAVA or PAGA systems) work seamlessly together, you can use a proactive approach with immediate actions, automation, and real-time insights for enhanced security.

How Zenitel makes it possible

To deliver a single communication platform and ensure integration to both our and third-party systems, we use:

  • robust cybersecurity systems to protect an interface;
  • proven open-source communication system implementation;
  • Linux and Windows interface library;
  • I/O connectivity.

Ensure your spendings stay low

We use standard IP Technology and IT components, infrastructure, and protocols to provide a wide range of possible system configurations with all required options and coverage. We can also help to lower your maintenance and installation costs.

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