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Platforms & Rigs

Crew safety and operational efficiency

Solutions for Offshore Platforms

Ensure employee safety and excellent operational efficiency with Zenitel reliable communication solutions for offshore platforms, built to withstand all the risks of the harshest environments and in compliance with regulations.

Fixed Installations

Oil & Gas rigs

New Energy

Safe & Secure Critical Communication

Working in some of the harshest environment with heavy machinery on offshore platforms with flammable gases, vapors and liquids, the workers deserve the best and safest communications solutions available in the market. We offer a variety of safe and secure communication solutions for hazardous environments (Ex areas).

Timeliness is everything -

Reliable and easy to use two way communication and alarm systems across all your sites.

Zenitel creates offshore platform communications for your operational crew to stay connected during their everyday operations, especially in hazardous areas. You get integrated solutions to provide crew safety and increase operational efficiency. With the EX approved Intercom, EX-approved General Alarm, video surveillance systems and entertainment services (such as IPTV), we create reliable solutions to ensure all your crew members receive critical messages in time and all alarm systems are distributed properly.

Turnkey solutions

We deliver turnkey integrated communications and provide upgrades in the shortest possible terms

Whether you need to create a full communication system for a new facility or modernize outdated solutions on existing platforms, we are well positioned to supply all the products and technologies for such projects. The solutions for offshore platforms and vessels are built with an emphasis on reliability, safety, security and cost-efficiency and designed to operate in  extreme temperatures, winds and high humidity. Our IP over 2-wire (Flowire Ethernet Converter) technology allows creating modern IP-based systems with old cabling.

Experts in energy segment

Safe and secure critical communication systems

The combination of using loudspeakers, flashlights/beacons, intercom stations and radios as receivers of alarms and important messages gives maximum coverage and flexibility for workers to be alarmed and informed and also able to establish two way communication in all areas and at all times.

IP technology makes it easy to monitor all system components from a remote location by using SNMP reporting to a centralized onshore control – and maintenance center.

Explore high reliability with Zenitel programmable, scalable and flexible IP-based EXIGO PAGA system or cost-effective SPA-V2 solution.

We create EX and ATEX-approved General Alarm built to the stringent safety standards and created to meet your needs.


Get high reliability and desired coverage with state-of-the-art two-way radio solutions. Our engineers build easy-to-use systems and set the interface between all necessary sites. Your working crew can get more than just a single-purpose solution - a fully integrated system that includes Intercom, PA and Two-Way Radio seamlessly working together.

Ensure your employee safety and security with offshore platform solutions for video surveillance and area monitoring, created for use in maritime conditions. To build reliable and easy-to-use systems, we deliver Marine Approved CCTV Cameras, Intercom stations with HD Video Camera and all required video management software.

Ensure your working crew stays connected across all platform sites with reliable and robust analog or IP-based solutions. We build both advanced communication platforms and more simple Talk Back Systems and deliver EX and ATEX approved intercom solutions, ready for use in the harshest environments.

Our IPTV system with its comprehensive functionality in a highly HW-efficient setup is ideal for offshore platforms both in the crew and common areas. Based on forefront technology, the system is easy to set up and configure and provides customized interactive solutions in addition to traditional TV channels. The IPTV technology enables broadcasts television via IP networks with HD video and multi-channel audio.

Johan Sverdrup


The Johan Sverdrup Project is one of Norway’s largest industry projects and the largest development on the Norwegian continental shelf since the 1980s. Zenitel is among several hundred companies that have delivered products and services for this huge commission, which has generated more than 6 billion EURO’s worth of contracts for these industries.

Zenitel is extremely proud to be one of the companies involved with this project, delivering critical and intelligent communication solutions for the Johan Sverdrup field.  This project has involved the entire Zenitel Offshore Energy division. 

4MS - UK Partner

Scotland / UK

In one of the world’s most challenging environments where workers fight the elements every day, secure and reliable communications are vital. That is why the new agreement between market-leading communications systems installer 4MS Network Solutions of Scotland and world-beating communications platform provider The Zenitel Group of Norway is creating waves across the United Kingdom’s offshore oil, gas and maritime sectors. 

4MS Network Solutions are experts in the design, installation and 24-hour, year-round support (24/7/365) of communications infrastructure, with broad experience in the energy and maritime industries, both offshore and on land.

Docklands Light Railway

Maritime & Energy Services

At Maritime & Energy Solutions, we don't just provide top-of-the-line products - we offer unparalleled support and expertise every step of the way. Our skilled engineers are here to help you from start to finish, ensuring your success in designing, operating, and integrating our solutions into your vessels.

Experience the power of expert design and engineering for your maritime and energy projects.

From planning to training, we handle every step with confidence and expertise for a seamless experience.

With our broad technology knowledge and attention to detail, we seamlessly connect all components from design to implementation. 

Our Factory and Site Acceptance Tests guarantee in depth review of high-quality equipment design and performance

Trust us to provide you with the expertise you need to install and maintain your telecommunication systems flawlessly.

From step-by-step documentation to immersive hands-on experiences, we've got you covered.