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Zenitel delivers communications equipment for Johan Sverdrup
Picture credit: Equinor

Johan Sverdrup in Production

Zenitel is extremely proud to be one of the companies involved with this project, delivering critical and intelligent communication solutions for the Johan Sverdrup field.  This project has involved the entire Zenitel Offshore Energy division. The PAGA System onboard comes from our newly acquired Phontech product range, several thousand speakers and beacons are from our Vingtor-Stentofon product range, and our subsidiary company Nor-Electronics has delivered GMDSS and General Radio, as well as a Real Time Clock System, Positioning System and Coax cables. Our PAGA system installed on Johan Sverdrup follows the stringent requirements for A/B systems onboard offshore energy installations. The PAGA system can be run from both onboard and shore-based control centers. 

A milestone in carbon-friendly operations

The Johan Sverdrup field sets a milestone in carbon-friendly operations. While the average CO2 footprint for oil & gas production globally is 18kg CO2 per barrel, the Johan Sverdrup field emits less than 1kg CO2 per barrel – making it the world’s most sustainable oil exploration field. On average, the Johan Sverdrup field reduces CO2 emissions by 620,000 metric tonnes per year combined with other oil & gas fields, which, over it’s lifetime, will result in a reduction of more than 25 million tonnes worth of CO2.

Johan Sverdrup is also a pioneer in digitalization. Equinor operates a "digital twin" of the field, which enables them to have a continuous overview of what is happening on Johan Sverdrup, helping to increase safety, maximize returns and reduce emissions.

By leveraging large quantities of data, application developers can increase efficiency and reduce downtime, enabling their employees to do their jobs more safely and sustainably.

You can visit Equinor’s “What we do” page about the Johan Sverdrup field to get a better understanding of the Field and its impacts on climate, digitalization, operations and economic contributions.

At Zenitel, we have a strong commitment to sustainability, with a well-managed environmental policy. Delivering equipment and services to Johan Sverdrup is important to us not only due to the fact it creates financial security, but also because of the impact this project will have on the industry, as it moves into an era where sustainability and global and local environmental impacts and operational efficiency is at the forefront of our approach. 

“World energy demand continues to rise, and we will still have a significant need for oil and gas in the foreseeable future. But not all barrels are created equal — and it’s important that the oil which is produced, is produced as cleanly as possible. That’s why Johan Sverdrup is a prime example of how technological innovation can provide solutions, and why Norwegian oil and gas are important in a climate perspective.” -- Equinor, 2019

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