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Healthcare Communication Solutions

Never miss a beat with Zenitel's communication clarity, dependability and interoperability 

With over 150 years of combined audio experience and thousands of successful deployments of communication solutions for healthcare facilities, Zenitel has been a trusted partner in helping hospitals elevate patient care, secure people and assets, and improve efficiency.

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Assisted Living Facilities

Customer needs

Ensure that patients receive the best possible care. Automate daily tasks to reduce demands on healthcare workers and help them focus on treating patients and saving lives.

Restrict access to sensitive areas and reduce theft. Take proactive measures to detect and deter security violations and protect staff and patients.  

Optimize operational workflows through automation, enhanced awareness, and operational control across the hospital facility.

Why Zenitel

Healthcare Communication Solutions

Elevate patient care

with Zenitels Healthcare Communication Solutions

Hospitals that put patient care at their core can count on Zenitel solutions for reliable and round-the-clock patient care with video and audio monitoring and communication throughout the healthcare facility. Seamless integration with nurse call systems and Video Management System ensures a safer environment and improved overall patient well-being.

Healthcare Communication Solutions

Streamline hospital operations

with Zenitel’s audio integrated into security solutions

Take advantage of Zenitel’s audio solution integrated with other
security platforms, like video management and surveillance,
access control, and building management system to automate
the security workflow and maximize staff efficiency. The integrated security solution allows for coordinated response and communication with medical staff, patients, and visitors during crises.

Healthcare Communication Solutions

Secure people & assets

with Zenitel’s interactive door entry solutions

Hospitals are able to restrict access to sensitive and critical areas by visual and auditory verification with Zenitel’s HD video door entry intercoms. With integration to your existing access control systems, Zenitel door entry solution provides security team with threat alerts, allowing hospitals to respond promptly to security incidents and deter security threats.

Healthcare Communication Solutions

Tested and proven solutions

with Zenitel communication solutions designed for healthcare

Zenitel’s clean room communication solutions are designed to meet
the requirements of ISO 14644- 1, making them safe to be used in
operation theatres and other clean room areas. Beyond high
availability and reliability, Zenitel’s cybersecurity measures provide
robust defense against cyber threats, ensuring a secure and
uninterrupted healthcare environment that you can trust.

Healthcare Communication Solutions - nurse call

Achieve operational excellence

with Zenitel’s unified critical
communication platform

Hospitals that rely on proficient critical communication can put their
trust in Zenitel’s Public Address and Voice Alarm (PAVA) Solutions.
It's seamless integration with other Zenitel solutions, such as
intercoms and IP speakers, have greatly increase the efficiency of
critical communication for your operations.

Trusted by

At Østfold Hospital, we are truly dependent that our communication systems be available at all times. We have chosen to use solutions from Zenitel because of the system stability and good video and audio quality. All in all, we are very satisfied with Zenitel with regards to the audio quality and stability
Jon Løvoll/ICT-Security Manager, Sykehuset Østfold

& Other Stories

Discover more on how Zenitel's healthcare solutions help you at every step of the way

Tested and proven unified critical communication solutions for enhancing patient care, safeguarding people, securing assets, and streamlining operations.

IP Speakers

Keep Emergency Entrance Clear

Hospital emergency entrances have to be clear of obstruction at any time to be able to deliver best care for critically ill patient. Periodic prerecorded messages using IP Speakers can remind people to keep this area clear. With the possibility to do a live call out, security personnel can intervene when further escalation is needed.

Intercom Systems

Seek Emergency Help from Operation Theatre

Clear communication plays a pivotal role in the life and death situations in the operation theatre. Zenitel’s specially designed cleanroom stations help facilitate uninterrupted consultations with specialists in non-sterile areas during operations.

Intercom Systems

Care for Patients Remotely

ZGiving a sense of connectiveness could improve the patient's mental well-being and Zenitel’s IP video intercoms are designed to just do that. With the integration to a nurse call system, patients can initiate a two-way HD video communication to express their needs right from their bed in the isolation room.

Intercom Systems

Limit Access to Critical Areas

Pharmacy and labs in hospitals are most vulnerable to theft with thousands of people going in and out of hospitals. Managing access through reliable and durable system is essential for the safety of both people and assets. Zenitel provides TEIV-4+ video intercom platforms to help ensure that only authorized personnel enter pharmacies and labs.

Public Address and Voice Alarm

Safety Announcements Throughout the Hospital

Emergencies can arise anywhere within the hospital premises. Zenitel’s multi-purpose PAVA solution delivers on your emergency communication need such as code blue as well as life safety communication need such as fire evacuation, and therefore saving cost and streamline hospital operations.

Turbine Extended Key IP Station for Clean Room and Operating Room

Turbine Mini Video Intercom

Network Ceiling Speaker, 10W, Ethernet, Microphone

Turbine Extended Intercom with Card reader

HD IP Video Phone with 8" Screen

PAVA Wall Mount System (5 amp channels pre installed)

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Intuitive web interface for management with staffing shortages and burnout among healthcare workers, facility managers must find new ways to automate or reinvent medical staff duties.

AI-powered integrated security and communication solutions can discover security flaws and take proactive remedies, allowing medical staff to focus on life-saving activities.

Reducing response times in healthcare is critical, with each second reduction linked to a 0.9%* decrease in overall patient mortality risk.

With interactive communication solutions, hospitals can remotely enhance medical staff's awareness of critically ill patients and take swift actions.

Healthcare staff face workplace violence four times* more than other fields.

Audio analytics can play a vital role in proactively identifying verbal abuse towards medical staff. With interactive communication, security personnel can intervene remotely, helping to diffuse the situation.

Based on Open API specifications, open Healthcare leaders has the immense pressure to save cost, while addressing growing demands.

With a unified critical communication platform, the healthcare facilities have the possibility to consolidate the security infrastructure and therefore stretch their budget go further.

The spread of germs in hospitals results in staff and patients contracting healthcare-associated infections annually, costing hospitals billions.

This challenge calls for frequently touched surfaces in clean room facilities, such as communication devices, to be anti-bacterial and chemically resistant for easy cleaning..

Never miss a beat
on operational excellence

with Zenitel’s unified critical
communication platform.

Hospitals that rely on proficient critical communication can put their trust in Zenitel’s Public Address and Voice Alarm (PAVA) Solutions. Its seamless integration with other Zenitel solutions, such as intercoms and IP speakers, have greatly increase the efficiency of critical communication for your operations.

Improve your security teams response time because every second is critical in ensuring patient safety and operational excellence. Zenitel’s unified communication platform gives you the opportunity to manage all your communication and emergency responses under one platform.

Intercom systems

Operating Rooms and Cleanrooms

Cleanroom stations are easy to clean, can withstand most chemicals, and are resistant to bacteria and other contagions. They can be used in isolation rooms to allow quarantined patients to communicate with staff while allowing for efficient disinfection.

Service area

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