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Exploring security and communication technologies to streamline healthcare operations

Healthcare facilities have to manage complex logistics involving multiple departments sprawling across buildings, sometimes in different parts of the city. The challenge lies in ensuring that coordination across these multiple departments runs seamlessly to provide the best possible care to patients while managing costs effectively.

Healthcare Communication Solutions Surgeons operating

In today's healthcare landscape, technology plays a key role in helping operations run smoothly. Technologies help connect staff with patients, enabling effective patient care delivery. They also help automate repetitive tasks so that medical professionals can focus on helping patients. 

In this article, we explore how security and communication technologies can be instrumental in helping hospital staff streamline operations and ultimately enhance the patient experience. 

Automate repetitive tasks to reduce employee workload

Imagine a situation where the emergency entrance is obstructed by a delivery vehicle while an ambulance with a critically ill patient is approaching. This results in unnecessary delays, resources, and frustrations among staff and the patient. Audio can play a pivotal role in proactively eliminating the situation from happening. 

While video provides a real-time view of such critical areas, it doesn’t help the security team to act on what they see. Thanks to open standards such as ONVIF and SIP, an IP speaker can automatically dispatch recorded warning messages as soon as an obstruction is detected through video analytics. In circumstances where manual intervention is needed, such as a helicopter landing on the helipad, the security operator can send live voice messages through the IP speaker using a video management terminal.

With the built-in microphone, an IP speaker enables ambient listening around the helipad and ambulance entryway. This not only empowers the security to hear what they see in real time but is also helpful for the training of security personnel in the future. 

Prompt emergency assistance to minimize response time

Within operating theaters, intensive care wards, and treatment rooms, an IP cleanroom intercom helps nurses and surgeons get immediate help while performing surgery. With the ability to connect to a foot switch, an IP cleanroom intercom can dispatch pre-recorded messages to IP speakers installed in other staff areas of the hospital.

This saves precious time in critical situations, as medical staff do not need to remove gloves or wash hands to seek additional help. With integration into public address systems,

surgeons can initiate code blue notifications directly from the IP cleanroom intercom.

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