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Custom Intercom Stations

Build your custom solutions

exactly how you want

Countless customization possibilities enable communication solutions to be tailored to your customer’s exact requirements

Demanding customers require flexible solutions. Using the award winning Turbine intercom series as a basis, Zenitel together with their partners have been delivering a wide variety of custom intercom stations, equipped with Zenitel IP audio and video kits.

These IP intercom kits utilize the latest technology to create unparalleled audio & video quality. Some of the many features include: HD voice & video quality, Wide angle lens, Open Duplex, Active Noise Cancellation, Automatic Volume Adjustment, and a 10W Class D amplifier.

The wide range of Zenitel's IP kits comes with SIP and ONVIF compliant out-of-the box, making them extremely versatile to integrate with your existing installations such as parking machines, ticket machines, passenger help points, etc.

With innate interoperability over standard connectors and interfaces, our IP intercom kits making it an ideal choice for your personalized door entry communication, touch based information kiosks and many more. Our IP kits find its utility within several market verticals such as rail transport, healthcare, smart city, prisons, and schools.

Check out of our product page here to see the full list of IP audio and video kits. Our comparison chart helps you to pick the best suited product for your application.

Train Driver Telephones

Custom made train driver telephone offers PA and Help point call cases on a single device. With built-in display, driver is able to see the caller ID, call status as well as emergency messages received from control room.

Our customized IP-enabled driver and crew panels are designed to fit seamlessly into driver cabins and staff compartments.

This driver telephone is designed to meet EN50155, EN45545-2 standards.

Vandal Resistant Intercom Station

Specially designed for harsh environment such as Prison cells, train stations, Vandal resistant custom intercom station deliver crystal clear audio for emergency and operational communication needs.

Universal design for accessible area

Solutions that are specially designed for passengers with limited mobility. The passenger help point is designed with hearing induction loop as well as raised symbols on push button conform to TSI PRM & ADA.

Help Point for smart cities

With the possibility to accomodate numerous customization needs such as localization, regulatory, look and feel, and accessibility, specially designed help point solutions suited for smart cities and transportation hubs.

Revolutionize your communication and access control stations with our VoIP intercom kits. Your key to customized solutions that suits your customer needs.

Zenitel Multipurpose Kit

Turbine Video - VoIP Intercom Module

VoIP Intercom Module

Turbine Extended IP Kit

Turbine Extended IP Kit

Turbine Extended IP Kit with Keyscan

IP Line Expansion Module with Inputs/Outputs

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