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Onshore Plants,
Terminals & Pipelines

Provide effective operations and fast decision making

Zenitel solutions for onshore energy sites

Provide the highest safety and security standards for your site providing effective operations and fast decision-making with reliable, integrated and easy-to-use communication systems.

Onshore Plants

Oil & Gas Terminals


When smooth audio communication is paramount

Effective operations and full security

Operational teams and other staff need to stay instantly connected across all sites to ensure efficiency and safety of personnel and property. To meet these challenges, Zenitel designs communication platforms that are integral to meet the demands for onshore plants, terminals and pipelines  including plant security systems to provide two-way communication with HD voice transmission, alarms and important information distribution and video surveillance.

Intelligent and integrated solutions

Reliable two-way connection and staff safety with integrated communications

We create turnkey products that make the daily work of your plant’s personnel easier and safer. Our intelligent onshore plant solutions provide two-way communication in any area of the plant, and their integration capabilities allow you to combine intercom, area monitoring, public address and general alarm systems into a single easy-to-use platform. You get a reliable communication system with maximum coverage that provides timely alarm notifications and distribution of important messages..

Reliable public safety and security solutions

Modern and cost-effective communication systems based on IP technology

Zenitel engineers have accumulated extensive experience in developing solutions for offshore and onshore sites as well as in building reliable public safety and security system to deliver state-of-the-art critical communication systems. We can supply a turnkey platform for new onshore plants, as well as we provide fast and cost-effective transition to modern solutions with our IP over 2-wire technology that allows integrating new, IP-based products using old cabling.

Experts in energy segment

Our solutions and services provide

  • uninterrupted operation and robust design you can rely on in the toughest conditions;
  • an interface between systems that turns separate products into a single communication platform;
  • system’s flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency;
  • On site and remote service & maintenance

We build custom solutions that become an important part of plant or terminal security systems and provide uninterrupted distribution of important information or alarms across all the needed areas. We design systems to meet your needs with our EXIGO PAGA solution that provides excellent scalability and flexibility.


Zenitel delivers a full range of safe and secure communication products, including highly reliable certified IEC Ex Intercom systems for explosive environments. We create intelligent and robust Intercom and PABX solutions with excellent scalability, built-in cybersecurity and simple unified management.

We create not only separate solutions that fully meet your needs for two-way communication in each area of your factory, but also design integrated systems. Zenitel engineers can set a seamless integration of two-way radio with public address systems and Intercom into an easy-to-use and a reliable communication platform.

Ensure area surveillance with our solution, designed according to the industry regulations. We use modern video management software, easy-to-use Intercom stations with the HD video camera and reliable CCTV Cameras to create video surveillance and area monitoring products that complement and enhance the factory's security solutions, such as Gate Security Systems.

Case Study to come


Although we have delivered solutions for onshore terminals and pipelines all around the world, we don't always have permission to create a case study on them.

What we can promise is that you will find case studies on all our segments as soon as they have been created and approved by clents.

For other case studies you can always check out our Newsroom below.

Docklands Light Railway

Maritime & Energy Services

At Maritime & Energy Solutions, we don't just provide top-of-the-line products - we offer unparalleled support and expertise every step of the way. Our skilled engineers are here to help you from start to finish, ensuring your success in designing, operating, and integrating our solutions into your vessels.

Experience the power of expert design and engineering for your maritime and energy projects.

From planning to training, we handle every step with confidence and expertise for a seamless experience.

With our broad technology knowledge and attention to detail, we seamlessly connect all components from design to implementation. 

Our Factory and Site Acceptance Tests guarantee in depth review of high-quality equipment design and performance

Trust us to provide you with the expertise you need to install and maintain your telecommunication systems flawlessly.

From step-by-step documentation to immersive hands-on experiences, we've got you covered.