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Zenitel delivers peace of mind with reliable and robust communication solutions for road tunnels and highways. Give a clear voice to your everyday operations or in an emergency and be sure to hear, be heard, and be understood anytime you need it.

With a wide range of Public Address and Voice Alarm, Intrusion Protection, Emergency and Security Control solutions, we meet the communication needs of the Highway and Road Tunnels industry.

Our product reliability, range and quality are unparalleled. However, what truly sets us apart from the competition is our extensive range of services and support. We offer tailored packages and turnkey solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.

We are trusted around the globe

Public Address and Voice Alarm Solutions

Zenitel Public Address and Voice Alarm solutions keeps drivers informed and safe, even when they are hundreds of meters underground.

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Emergency Communication Solutions

Crystal clear communication helping drivers to report traffic anomalies or major accidents in the tunnel, assisting overall tunnel safety. 

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Tunnel Control Solutions

Consolidated management and monitoring of your entire tunnel security systems from a single GUI.

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Clear communications in the noisiest and most challenging acoustic environments 

Zenitel systems deliver clear communication in tunnels and highways. We offer a wide range of proven products and solutions that deliver supreme levels of reliability in an application where there is no room for compromise on safety.

Zenitel’s high quality audio circuits and digital signal processing provides precise time delays and delivers clear audio. 

Compact and flexible installations to lower your costs    

Zenitel systems help to reduce the amount of cabling needed, lowering overall costs, with the option to implement a distributed system with amplifiers placed closer to the loudspeakers. 

We offer both centralized and distributed solutions for Voice Alarms, Public Address systems and Intercom points, tailored to meet the special needs of your installation.

Our tunnel solution is optimized for modern construction methods where the tunnels are prefabricated in sections and assembled on-site. Zenitel Integra PAVA solutions can be easily pre-installed in each section and seamlessly integrated into a single system when deployed on-site.

Maintenance-free systems with built-in redundancy ensure 24/7 operations. 

Our mission is to deliver reliable communication solutions tailored to ensure your 24/7 operations. Our extensive PAVA and Intercom systems are equipped with advanced redundant features, such as dual power supply, dual Ethernet port, and hardware bypass mode.

Combined with state-of-the-art redundant architecture, the solutions ensure maintenance-free operations. And with our hot-swappable amplifier modules, you can experience nearly zero downtime. 

Our VIPEDIA range combines 25 years of experience in voice alarm, public address and audio with the latest IP technology.

Intercom stations providing crystal-clear audio thanks to powerful speakers, HD video, automatic volume adjustment, background noise cancellation, and more.

An open and intuitive integrated management platform. Offering comprehensive control, monitoring, and incident analysis across all transport and site safety, security, and communications subsystems

The ultimate solution for convenient, secure access. No matter the size of your installation, these intercoms are the ideal choice for situations that require staff authorization at doorways and barriers, as well as visitor management at multi-tenant properties.

Supporting you all the way

When it comes to transportation solutions, Zenitel’s reliability and quality are unparalleled. But what truly sets us apart from the competition is the comprehensive range of services and support that we offer.

Our specialists can join at any stage to
help specify and design a solution.

Comprehensive design services, from requirements capture to technical

End-to-end delivery services, from system building and testing to international export.

Our engineers are experts in commissioning, testing and integrating systems.

Our training courses cover all our products and systems and cater for all skill levels.

We offer customizable annual 3rd line maintenance contracts for clients needing support.

We also cover a range of other transport markets

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