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Pragati Maidan Tunnel

SOS and Public Address system provides clear communication for state-of-the-art tunnel project.

Pragati Maidan Tunnel

The Requirement

Pragati Maidan tunnel will be a unique tunnel and engineering marvel. The 1.6-km long tunnel will be a six-lane,
three-lane carriageway on both sides providing connections between cities, traffic easing and signal-free travel.
The tunnel will also facilitate direct connectivity to Pragati Maidan parking. The tunnel will help reduce congestion for the over 90,000 commuters that use the IOT Intersection daily.

The Challenges

The biggest challenge was to have a common platform for PA+SOS as the customer was not willing to use 2
different calling stations. Furthermore, both the PA + SOS systems needed to communicate with the central SCADA.

System. Zenitel Systems had an exact solution to solve these challenges by providing a common platform for
PA+SOS and OPC Integration with Central SCADA System.

A further challenge was providing acceptable audio clarity of more than 0.4 STI in a highly reverberant
surrounding environment. The speaker placement and the type of speaker selected solved this
challenge. The ambient noise levels vary throughout the day depending on traffic volume and the AVC needed to
be configured accordingly.

The Result

Zenitel provided a SOS+PA system for this project, managed by ICX-500 and Exigo with IP Amplifiers on a
common platform. Each system has a common calling station for better cost of ownership and to reduce manpower requirements. Both the systems have been integrated with the Central SCADA system for better control.

Our Tunnel-500 speakers help in achieving the desired STI with an RT value of more than 4 seconds, whilst
the AVC function helps tackle the varied noise levels throughout the day.