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Aarhus Light Rail

Dependable and dynamic Communication Solution for use in the event of an emergency.

Aarhus Letbane
Image credential: Aarhus Letbane, Chili Foto

The Requirement

The client needed a high-quality passenger help point for their light rail that would function reliably during emergencies. The noise levels during peak hours made it challenging for train personnel to hear passengers, so the client sought a best-in-class option that would work effectively in all acoustic conditions. Design customization was also essential to ensure that the help point would blend with the train’s aesthetics Compliance with rail standards and norms was a key requirement, as with all onboard electronics systems

The Solution

Zenitel, along with Leonardo SPA, partnered with Hitachi Rail STS to provide an emergency communication
system onboard the train that delivers excellent audio quality in the face of noisy environments, allowing drivers
and operators to hear, be understood and communicate in real-time with passengers in distress. Zenitel
made sure to strictly evaluate the rail certification process to ensure compliance with customer needs. The
solution even includes a customizable passenger help point that seamlessly blends in with the train’s aesthetics.

Zenitel’s Automatic Volume Control (AVC) feature, which can be flexibly configured by the end-user, adjusts
output volume levels dynamically to enable clear communication between drivers and passengers.

The Emergency Call Point includes advanced audio features such as Active Noise Cancellation, Automatic Gain
Control, and Echo cancellation. These features further guarantee the solution’s performance, regardless of the noise levels in the surrounding environment.