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Oslo Airport

Flight tower communication towards the command center and intercom devices to the terminals.

Oslo Airport Gardemoen

The Requirement

Zenitel has a longstanding relationship with Oslo Airport, delivering air traffic control tower communication and intercom devices to the terminals. The customer had an existing customized analog communication system from Zenitel and wanted to upgrade this to an IP-based solution, as well as create their own customized stations.

The task was to enable open duplex communication between flight control at Gardermoen and the airplane
control center at Røyken. Quick communication setup was essential, as was the monitoring and reporting
of system errors. Additionally, door intercoms needed to be connected as SIP stations to the existing IPBX. The
goal was to establish fast and reliable communication between the two locations, while also enabling seamless
access to door intercoms.

The Solution

Zenitel has recently upgraded the analog communication system in the air traffic control room tower to an
IP hotline system, utilizing four XE7 AlphaCom servers. Two of these servers are networked in AlphaNet,
while the remaining two are intended to serve as redundant servers. The XE7 servers were chosen due to their
capability of recording analog signals using AGA boards. This upgrade will enhance the communication
capabilities in the air traffic control room.

A total of 20 IP master station kits have been utilized to construct custom intercom stations within the flight
tower. In addition, over 100 Zenitel Turbine Intercom devices have been installed and are directly connected
to the IP telephone server at Oslo airport. This enables passengers and other personnel to reach out for
help in case of an emergency or to access information via help points. The intercom devices serve as a reliable
communication tool, enhancing safety and providing convenience for airport users